As the focal point of any property, windows not only have a big impact on how a home looks, but they also play a fundamental role in a home’s temperature, comfort levels and energy efficiency.

When it comes to finding replacement windows, what should homeowners be looking for so they feel confident they’re investing in a high-performing product that can help to reduce their home’s carbon footprint?

According to window and door specialists Everest, one of the best ways to find a quality window is by identifying its U-value. But unfortunately, a recent study carried out by the company found that 70 per cent of Brits had in fact never heard of U-values. Anthony Threlfall, head of marketing at Everest, explains what this measurement is and why it’s so important.

Great British Life:

‘A U-value is a standard scientific measurement used across the construction industry as an indicator of insulation. When it comes to windows, U-values determine how effective a window is at keeping heat inside a property which is why it’s such a critical value to consider,’ comments Anthony.

‘Ultimately, the lower the U-value the more efficient the window material is, so we always encourage homeowners to compare U-values so they can choose the best and most suitable window for their home.’

To keep up with changing consumer demand Everest has its high-performing glass ranges which have effective insulating properties as Anthony explains.

‘With more homeowners wanting energy efficient replacement windows we’ve created a series of glazing options. Our Ultimate range and Energy Saver range have been carefully designed to deliver fantastic results and create comfortable living conditions.’

Manufactured from a highly innovative type of solar reduction glass, the Everest Ultimate range is perfect for those who are specifically looking for a window which provides excellent thermal insulation and reduces the amount of solar energy that passes through.

Whereas the Everest Energy Saver range is best if people are on the hunt for an energy efficient window. Designed with a Low E coating, the glass allows light and solar heat to pass through, while reflecting heat back into the home. This is fantastic for not only helping to keep the property warm, but it can also reduce monthly heating bills.

Great British Life:

‘When it comes to finding the right replacement windows, homeowners should look more closely at the materials used and how well it performs to guarantee they invest in a product which meets their needs.

‘High performance glazing options are used for both the Everest Ultimate and Energy Saver ranges giving homeowners the reassurance their new windows look great, are thermally efficient and achieve low U-values.’

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