Every year nature reminds us that we grow in phases and cycles, and that sometimes we all need to hibernate a little. The air turns crisp, the leaves start to fall, and the shops fill with organic and earthy colours. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I’m going to share some personal and purposeful tips on how to make your home cosier this season; think warmth, texture and luxurious layers!

Home Sweet Home

Great British Life: You front door is a first impression (c) Getty ImagesYou front door is a first impression (c) Getty Images

Every time you reach your front door, you should feel welcomed by the comforting sight of home after a long or busy day, and that view can change with the seasons. Start by giving everything a quick clean; sweep away the leaves, wipe the glass and remove any cobwebs or marks. Consider giving your front door a facelift with a fresh coat of paint; try a new colour palette or updating the ironmongery. To compliment the fresh paint colour, add some outdoor pots and baskets brimming with seasonal plants and grasses to bring in some texture. Solar lights can be incorporated to keep electricity bills down whilst creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

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Seasonal Scents

Great British Life: Seasonal scents always alter the moodSeasonal scents always alter the mood (Image: (c) Getty Images)

There really is nothing better than being greeted by an inviting aroma when you enter your home and I think that this is the perfect place to make a small but meaningful seasonal change. There are hundreds of variations of ‘pumpkin spice’ and ‘falling leaves’ inspired scents out there, found in the form of reed diffusers, candles, air purifiers, plug ins, room sprays and air fresheners, meaning that whatever your preferred method is, there is a product out there for you!

Abandoned Wellies

Great British Life: Tidy storage (c) Getty ImagesTidy storage (c) Getty Images

Making our storage work hard for us is always important, especially during the colder months when we all need more layers to hand. Inevitably coats, scarves, jumpers, boots and wellies get abandoned by the front door alongside bags and accessories. If you have the space, consider adding a woven hallway bench. This style is really practical as it allows light to be carried through so doesn’t encroach on the space, whilst also creating room underneath for loose shoe storage. Above the bench, hooks can be added for the overflow layers. Pair this with a side table and seasonal dried flowers and you’ve created a functional, seasonal and cosy entrance hall.

Escaping the Cold

Great British Life: A runner is a useful addition for autumn (c) Getty ImagesA runner is a useful addition for autumn (c) Getty Images

As the nights start to draw in and the temperature drops, a stylish but effective way to keep heating bills down is to invest in a good draught excluder to sit across the front door. Introducing textures into the space will create a much cosier vibe so consider a design that includes linens, leather and some pattern such as plaid or gingham. A cosy home is everyone’s favourite place to be during the autumn and there is nothing like taking your shoes off and walking on a warm floor. Try adding a new seasonal door mat that will help to catch any rainwater left on your shoes before removing them. A runner than spans the length of your hallway will be a useful addition during the cooler months and can add real interest. Consider a design with stripes to make the most of the space.

Harvest Dining

Great British Life: Bring a seasonal feel to your dining table (c) Getty ImagesBring a seasonal feel to your dining table (c) Getty Images

During the autumn months we start to transition towards entertaining indoors, and nothing says a cosy autumnal meal like a moody tablescape. Introduce layered table linens; a favourite combination of mine is a Morris & Co. inspired tablecloth with rust and ochre-coloured napkins. Pair these with black or brass metals where possible to maintain warmth and dimension. Table décor can be added to elevate the table for a more formal event such as candles and a large, dried flower arrangement. Follow these pointers and you’ll be ready for some seasonal dining with family and friends!

Decorative Accents

Great British Life: Make the kitchen feel cosier this autumn (c) Getty ImagesMake the kitchen feel cosier this autumn (c) Getty Images

Kitchens are the heart of the home as we spend most of our time there cooking, entertaining and socialising. There are lots of simple and effective tricks that can be implemented to make the kitchen feel cosier this autumn. Use large jars or vases to display seasonal flowers, or flowers with a warm colour palette, berries, and branches. Swap out existing tea towels to a colour scheme that matches your kitchen but has a different pattern such as checkerboard or foliage. Use large bowls to display seasonal vegetables to introduce texture and colour to the space. Spend some time with the people you love enjoying seasonal baking, such as apple pie, and let the warm smell fill the room!

Get Snug

Great British Life: Layer patterns and textiles on your sofas by adding additional cushions and throws (c) Getty ImagesLayer patterns and textiles on your sofas by adding additional cushions and throws (c) Getty Images

Most of us use our living rooms in the evening and in the autumn it can sometimes be dusk before we have the chance to relax. An easy way to make the room feel cosier is to add layered lighting to create a warm ambience. Small reading lights, candles or fairy lights can be introduced in corners or on side tables and are a great way to keep bills down. Consider layering patterns and textiles on your sofas by adding additional cushions and throws, and try layering rugs. A top tip of mine for rug layering is to try something chunky / textural and plain as the base, with something flat and patterned over the top. The rugs should overlap slightly and will really help to retain the warmth in the room.

Time to Hibernate

Great British Life: Swap your summer duvet to one with a higher tog rating (c) Getty ImagesSwap your summer duvet to one with a higher tog rating (c) Getty Images

There is no better feeling than climbing into a bed with fresh sheets that smell gorgeous, so try switching your usual washing powder scent for something more seasonal. Now is also a good time to swap your summer duvet to one with a higher tog rating to stay warm during the cooler months. Add textures and layers to the bed as well as patterns like checkerboard, gingham, plaid, tweed, faux leather and faux fur. Pair the newly introduced layers with some warmer tones such as rust, mustard, khaki, navy and gold and watch your room transform!

Fire up the Fondue

Great British Life: A firepit is always a welcome addition to any garden (c) Getty ImagesA firepit is always a welcome addition to any garden (c) Getty Images

As the temperature outside drops we usually retreat inside, but we can still utilise our outdoor spaces as well. Start by sweeping and removing any moss, woods and sticks that have found their way onto the patio. Update your pots to have grasses or seasonal flowers and add some solar lights. If you have outdoor furniture make sure you add a basket with additional blankets to cosy up in for a date night outside. A firepit is always a welcome addition to any garden and can be used all year round but the warmth, glow and quiet crackle will be especially appreciated at this time of year. For a fun evening with the kids, date night or even entertaining friends, create a ‘roasting board’ full of marshmallows, chocolates and fruits to enjoy by the fire.

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