When it comes to first impressions, nothing says ‘welcome’ like a stylish entrance.

After all, it’s the first thing you see, and if you ever needed an excuse to decorate your entryway, the switch in seasons and rich autumn foliage is a fast track to des res doorscaping.

It’s a trend that’s been inspired by social media stars such as Stacey Solomon and Zoe Sugg, says Wayfair’s resident style advisor, Dee Fontenot – who have all been embracing the ‘autumn doorscape,’ and transforming doors with pumpkins and golden hues.

“Giving your front door a décor overhaul is a brilliant way to beat the end of summer blues,” opines Fontenot.

“The traditional colours of autumn feel optimistic, with burnt orange shades, berry, honey, and warm oranges. It’s a super-soothing colour palette, that feels both cosy and comforting – the perfect welcome to arrive home to and brighten up the chillier months.”

To master the art of decorating your doorway, Fontenot shares her top tips to make it instaworthy… and bring joy to everyone who enters…

Versatile all-rounder

Great British Life: The Seasonal Aisle Faux 32cm Wreath, £38.99, WayfairThe Seasonal Aisle Faux 32cm Wreath, £38.99, Wayfair (Image: Wayfair)Great British Life: B&M Autumn Wreath, £16, B&M in-store.B&M Autumn Wreath, £16, B&M in-store. (Image: B&M/PA)

Great British Life:  Orange Pumpkin Garland, £19, Matalan. Orange Pumpkin Garland, £19, Matalan. (Image: Matalan/PA)

“Dress up your door with a simple wreath that can be restyled as the seasons change,” suggests Fontenot.

“While bristle grass and a burlap bow create a rustic vibe for autumn, pampas and dahlias will be a welcome addition come spring – and sunflowers will help ease the transition from the cooler months, making your wreath a star for all seasons.”

If DIY isn’t your thing, she says a pre-arranged, handmade wreath decked in deep blue hues and burnt orange will be the perfect pick.

“Easy to hang with some jute hanging string, it’s such a quick and easy way to give a front door a seasonal refresh.”

Rustic vibes

Great British Life: Halloween Decorative Accent, £27.99, (white pumpkin in background), rest of items from a selection, WayfairHalloween Decorative Accent, £27.99, (white pumpkin in background), rest of items from a selection, Wayfair (Image: Wayfair/PA)

Fontenot says to take some inspiration from the countryside, and decorate a vintage-style wicker hamper with dried or faux flowers and greenery.

“Combine a variety of sizes and colours – think wild moss combined with fluffy stems and the addition of luxe velvet pumpkins, or gourds for a spooky twist.”

Mixed lanterns equipped with flickering LED candles will add a twinkle of rustic romance to your porch, she notes.

“Complete with a pair of potted faux topiary on either side of your door to bring year-round kerb appeal,” adds Fontenot.

Practical makes perfect

Great British Life: Outdoor garden bench with pumpkins and seasonal veg.Outdoor garden bench with pumpkins and seasonal veg. (Image: Alamy/PA)

Along with decorative homewares, Fontenot suggests introducing some practical elements to create an experience on your doorstep, “so it looks pretty whilst also being usable”.

If you have the space, she says putting a bench at the front of your home will encourage you to spend extra time in the space.

“It may be the front of your home catches more of the morning or afternoon sun and if a private spot, may well become your new favourite place for a quiet cup of tea in the autumn sunshine,” suggests Fontenot.

Fall for faux

Great British Life: Autumn porch with pumpkins: 40cm Maple Leaf Autumn Wreath Micro Light Bundle, £44.99, 2m Maple Leaf Autumn Garland Micro Light Bundle, £39.99, (was £44.99), Lights4fun.Autumn porch with pumpkins: 40cm Maple Leaf Autumn Wreath Micro Light Bundle, £44.99, 2m Maple Leaf Autumn Garland Micro Light Bundle, £39.99, (was £44.99), Lights4fun. (Image: Lights4fun/Oliver Perrott/PA)

“If your home hasn’t been treated to an abundance of autumn leaves over the doorway, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look,” says Fontenot.

“You can instantly bring pops of colour, using faux garlands,” she continues. “If you have bare vines above the doorway, simply use these to weave garlands of brown and orange leaves.”

“Alternatively, use outdoor command hooks to frame the doorway, arching a spray of garlands from one side of the door for dramatic impact,” enthuses Fontenot.

A smattering of fallen leaves, foraged conkers and autumn berries styled with pumpkin lights and a woolly blanket, complete the rustic, autumnal vibe.