Providing interior design to stand the test of time, ensuring each home is not just beautiful but also functional, is the ethos of interior designer, Suzanne Howell.

After living in Loughton, for around 20 years, Suzanne recently moved to Sawbridgeworth, and is continuing her work on projects across the counties and further afield.

“I absolutely love Sawbridgeworth, it’s a quiet town and has good links into London which is ideal for client meetings, design shows and nights out.”

Curious by art, design and fashion as a teenager, Suzanne always knew design would be part of her life.

Great British Life: Roll top bath at its best by Suzanne Howell InteriorsRoll top bath at its best by Suzanne Howell Interiors

She said: “I formed Suzanne Howell Interiors in 2010 after initially gaining experience through property development. Previous to this I trained and worked as a graphic designer before having my two children. After having my second child, I decided to enrol on a curtain and blind-making course which soon led on to establishing my own interior design business.

“Kelly Hoppen was an early influence on me on my interior design journey. I was drawn to her ability to create serene and sophisticated spaces through the use of neutral colours. I have adopted this approach in my own interior design work.”

Offering a friendly and approachable interior design service Suzanne’s services range from a one-off consultation if a client feels they just need some guidance, to a full renovation project and project management service, overseeing the whole design process from concept, design and installation.

She added: “The most popular package is the full interior design and project management service but this can be adapted to any level of what is required by my client.

“I work closely with my clients providing a personal and adaptable service, building great relationships and often working with clients on multiple projects spanning several years. I believe great interior design enhances the quality of people’s lives, promoting wellbeing and a space for personal gratification. Adding value to my clients’ homes and avoiding expensive common mistakes such as purchasing the wrong furniture or making design choices that don't align with the overall vision. I work alongside highly skilled craftsmen and contractors to ensure the design production process runs accurately and efficiently.”

As well as sample and mood boards, concept design, bespoke joinery, kitchen and bathroom design and lighting design, Suzanne can provide artwork, off the shelf and bespoke furniture, soft furnishings, floor/wall coverings and fabrics, along with styling and accessories.

Great British Life: Kitchen of dreams, Suzanne works with HauHau who create bespoke luxury kitchens and furnitureKitchen of dreams, Suzanne works with HauHau who create bespoke luxury kitchens and furniture

She’s also an approved supplier of HauHau - a dynamic brand who are makers of luxury bespoke kitchens and joinery.

“My latest project with HauHau is based in Loughton, which included a full design service from myself - kitchen design, lighting design, floor finishes and freestanding furniture which completed the kitchen of dreams!”

Other brands she rates highly include London-based Porta Romana.

“I absolutely love Porta Romana which is known for its exceptional design and craftsmanship. The brand offers a wide range of exquisite lighting, furniture, and accessories that are meticulously crafted and beautifully designed.

Great British Life: Mood board inspiration by Suzanne Howell InteriorsMood board inspiration by Suzanne Howell Interiors

“I also have a love for Jim Thompson fabrics due to such a wide range of individual designs, colours and textures which offers versatility for my design projects.”

With a vast portfolio, Suzanne loves all of her projects, but a particular home stands out as one of her favourites.

“It’s a property in Bishops Stortford…the most beautiful Victorian home, full of character, generous room sizes and high ceilings along with the most stunning staircase.

“I was hired to design the principal bedroom, dressing room and ensuite. Whilst reconfiguring the space I incorporated my contemporary classic style which complimented the period of the property. Moving a non-load bearing wall to change the previous position of the wardrobes and creating a dressing room from a previous bathroom.

“The bedroom incorporated a large, upholstered feature headboard, bespoke designed furniture and decorative lighting. The dressing room was designed in a timeless classic style leading on the ensuite which included a spacious shower enclosure, hidden storage to help keep the space clutter-free, a beautiful double marble console, and a luxurious addition, a nickel bateau bath which provided a focal point in the room.

Great British Life: Bedroom example by Suzanne Howell InteriorsBedroom example by Suzanne Howell Interiors

“Overall, the combination of these design elements created a practical and inviting space for pure relaxation and indulgence.”

Interior designers are renowned for bringing inspiration and ideas to many of their projects and Suzanne’s inspiration comes from various sources.

“I am inspired by the location of a project, the building, my client’s needs, their lifestyle, desires and interests. Attending trade shows and design exhibitions to view the latest products and designs also provides inspiration for fresh ideas which helps me to create spaces that are truly unique to my clients.”

When the work is done it’s time to reflect on the journey and Suzanne says seeing the transformation of a space and the positive impact it has on clients’ lives is one of the most “fulfilling aspects” of her work.

“Knowing I’ve made such a difference through my design work reinforces my passion for interior design and motivates me to continue creating beautiful spaces.

Great British Life: Designed with tech in mind by Suzanne Howell InteriorsDesigned with tech in mind by Suzanne Howell Interiors

This and other key areas are a favourable part of her job.

“I often encounter unique challenges and problems that require creative thinking and problem-solving skills. These can range from space constraints and layout issues to finding innovative solutions for specific design preferences. I enjoy the process of analysing problems, brainstorming ideas, and coming up with creative solutions.

“I have so much passion for good design and I am very privileged to work closely with talented individuals who are masters at their trade. Being part of a beautifully designed project and collaborating within a team is a truly rewarding experience. It allows me to contribute my skills, expertise and creativity while working alongside like-minded individuals who share my passion for design.”

Looking ahead, Suzanne feels sustainability in home interiors is “crucial” for the future. “While the availability of sustainable products for home interiors may be limited at the moment, there is a growing awareness and demand for eco-friendly alternatives. I design with longevity and durability in mind, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This approach not only reduces waste but also saves money in the long run.”


Great British Life: Suzanne HowellSuzanne Howell

Her home

“My home is a new build with no major works to be done, just decoration, furnishing and soft furnishings which I’m really enjoying doing and looking forward to seeing the end result.

“There’s a contemporary classic style throughout with the lounge my favourite room in the house. Its neutral based scheme and green accent colours along with lighting designed to create different moods, it’s a tranquil space for me to unwind and recharge at the end of the day.

“My favourite item in my home that’s special to me is the iconic duck feet lamp by Porta Romana. I love this because of its unique and eye-catching design which brings a touch of playfulness and creativity to the space, making it an interesting focal point in my office.”

Her hobbies

“I am very passionate about fitness. I have worked out consistently since I was 20-years-old. Starting with the gym and running and completing the London Marathon in 2000. Since the national lockdown I started doing HIIT workouts and using the Peloton bike at home. Home workouts are much more convenient for me whilst having a busy schedule as a business owner. Fitness for me is not just about looking in shape, it’s also about achieving a good mindset and feeling energised which in turn helps me with creativity and running my business well.

Her tips

“Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of a space. Many people underestimate its importance and overlook the potential it has to transform a room. I often use recessed down lights to highlight the features in a room, for example: fireplaces, artwork, mirrors, window treatments, tables etc alongside the use of chandeliers, pendant lights, lamps and wall lights which creates different layers of light. To ensure the design reaches its full potential, the lighting should be designed at the very beginning of a project before the electrical first fix.

“Adequate storage is essential for maintaining a clutter free and organised living environment. I use built in cabinets, shelving, and multifunctional furniture that can maximise a space whilst keeping your possessions neatly stored away.

“With the increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives, it's important to plan for technology integration in the first stages of the design process. The placement of power outlets, wiring for audiovisual systems and automation systems to support your technology needs should all be considered. By incorporating technology into your design, you can enhance convenience and future proof your home.

“By considering these often forgotten tips when transforming your home you can create a more functional, organised, comfortable living space that meets your specific needs and preferences.

“Additionally, focusing on timeless design elements and avoiding short lived trends can contribute to the longevity of your designs. By selecting classic colours, materials, and furniture pieces, you can create interiors that won't easily go out of style. This approach allows clients to enjoy their spaces for years to come without feeling the need for frequent updates or renovations.”



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