3 reasons to use natural stone for your home

Natural stone is a beautiful and practical material often used on luxury Cotswold properties

Natural stone is an organically beautiful and practical material, making it a popular choice for luxury properties - Credit: Graham Holland

Natural stone is increasingly popular with developers and house builders, who understand the value of investing in a long-lasting and sustainable product.

Its beautiful aesthetic also makes it an appealing building material for properties in the Cotswolds. The region's quarries offer different colours and beds which means that every piece of stone is unique, with distinct flecks of colour and remnants of fossils. 

"Stone is a highly versatile, durable material suited to a range of building and landscaping projects. It is the secret behind the outstanding architectural beauty found in many Cotswold towns and villages," shares Luke Conlon, director of Cotswold Natural Stone based in Shilton, near Burford. 

Below, Luke reveals three reasons why you should use natural stone to bring your property to life.

1. Versatile and long-lasting

Natural stone is an extremely versatile product and can be used for building stone, architectural masonry, external paving, internal flooring and feature walls. 

"With unique design advantages over many other building materials, natural stone will always deliver a stunning result," says Luke. "When designed, constructed and maintained with care, it will last a lifetime." 

Natural stone being mined in a Cotswold quarry

Cotswold Natural Stone quarries offer different colours and beds, meaning every piece of stone is unique - Credit: Steve Woolf

2. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly 

For eco-conscious builders and developers, stone is a top choice. "We are seeing natural stone being used more in Passivhaus and net-zero designs due to its sustainable properties,” says Luke. “For instance, stone is very energy-efficient due to its heat transfer coefficient, which results in reduced heat loss in winter and more effective cooling in summer.” 

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Processing stone is also more environmentally-friendly than many other building materials. For example, the amount of CO2 generated during production is far less than alternative cementitious products. 

“Our stone is quarried and prepared at the face, and then transferred to an on-site production facility where it is processed and bagged,” Luke explains. “The stone is then delivered straight to the customer. The whole process is minimal and has a low carbon footprint.” 

Country home in the Cotswolds made from natural stone

Natural stone enhances contemporary homes with dynamic natural beauty, strength and durability - Credit: Adam Carter

3. Continuing the Cotswolds charm 

Natural stone is central to the Cotswold heritage and identity. The aesthetic appeal attracts visitors from all over the world who are keen to see our quintessentially English villages of honey-coloured stone. 

Creating new luxury homes using this unique local stone contributes to and preserves the Cotswolds identity and that of surrounding counties. 

"Cotswold natural stone enhances contemporary homes with its dynamic natural beauty, strength and durability – the juxtaposition of modernity and history combines to create magnificent 21st century buildings that will stand the test of time," says Luke. “Our stone is perfect for architectural concepts that need to be on another level."

To find out more, visit cotswoldnaturalstone.co.uk or call 01993 867392.