Derbyshire Property Talk: July 2009

EPCs: How green are you? Kate Cholerton of Chartered Surveyors Milner McCrea explains why we'll all need a certificate.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are now a mandatory requirement when selling or letting almost any property commercial/industrial as well as residential. The EPC gives an asset rating for buildings, using the familiar rainbow coloured bar charts (as shown on fridges) which indicates the energy efficiency of that building compared to others. Assumptions on standard usage are made but based on its construction geometry, materials and its heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting plant.The recommendation report accompanies the EPC and lists measures to improve the energy rating, the best (A) rating is unlikely to be achievable even if radical steps are taken. Wind turbines and solar energy will become evident in the work place as well as at home to endeavour to reduce effects of global warming.Milner McCrea, tel: 01332 734734.

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