Why you should add a monolith to your garden

Cornish Granite Monolith

Lantoom Quarry is on Bodmin Quarry - Credit: Lantoom Quarry

With sculpture gardens among the casualties of the ongoing lockdowns – you can add some drama to your own garden with a new range of impressively sized Cornish stone monoliths.  

Bodmin's Lantoom Quarry has launched its Cornish Granite Monolith. Starting at £420, the range is designed for larger gardens offering the ultimate garden feature to last a millennium. The monoliths are large natural boulders sourced from Lantoom’s Caradon Quarry on Bodmin Moor - home to many ancient monoliths of its own. Highly prized and difficult to come by, they feature the natural browns and silver-greys of the local stone found around Bodmin. 

Cornish Granite Monolith

Cornish Granite Monolith from Lantoom Quarry - Credit: Lantoom Quarry

Inspired by the latest global phenomenon of mysterious monolith’s popping up all over the world, Lantoom Quarry has launched its own range of granite monoliths. The global craze took off before Christmas with monoliths inexplicably popping up in unexpected locations - and sometimes disappearing again just as mysteriously. 

Installations were first spotted in Utah in November and have since popped up around the world. In the UK monoliths appeared in Dartmoor, the Isle of Wight and another in Glastonbury in December 2020.

Cornish Granite Monoliths

The monoliths from Lantoom Quarry - Credit: Lantoom Quarry


Find out more at lantoom.co.uk

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