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Geranium Summer Twist plant in a pot

Geranium summer twist - Credit: Enjoy Gardening More

Our partners, Enjoy Gardening More, have hundreds of brilliant offers available this spring and summer to bring your outdoor spaces alive. Whether you have a window box, a few pots on a patio, an allotment or a sprawling lawn surrounded by bountiful raised beds – has everything you need. 

Paint your garden with colour

Surfina petunia plants in a hanging basket

These Surfina Petunia plants will keep your hanging baskets looking gorgeous all summer long - Credit: Phil Anderson

Surfinia Petunia Collection - £14.99 for 18 jumbo plug plants
A best-seller, this classic mix of trailing petunias will provide long-lasting colour in your garden with hardly any effort at all. The plants, in Hot Pink, Blue, Red, Blue Vein, Snow and Sky Blue, will flower from May up to October and are vigorous and disease and weather resistant. Just plant them up, water regularly, and reap the benefits. 
These have been bred specifically to produce the biggest, best, longest displays, with trails draping from baskets in some cases at 90cms long. 

Fuchsia tree in a pot

This fuchsia tree looks stunning grown as a standard in a pot - a great way to mark the entrance of your home - Credit: Visions BV, Netherlands

Complete Hardy Fuchsia Collection - £14.99 for 6 9cm pots
Some of the daintiest, most ethereal fuchsias you’ll find on the market, in a full range of colours, from crisp white, to ballerina pink – and some with gorgeous double blooms – like pom poms. 
You’ll get one of each colour variety, all of them hardy and ideal for pots, containers or borders, giving structure throughout the summer. What’s best is every single year they’ll come back bigger and showier than before. 
The potted plants are ready to put out in the garden as soon as they arrive. 

Bright Gerbera plants in a bed

The bright Gerbera Garvinia collection produces huge, colourful flowers with a long growing season - Credit: Enjoy Gardening More

Hardy Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Collection -£14.99 for 3 7cm potted plants
In an incredible breeding breakthrough, these gerberas bloom with huge flowers and are completely winter hardy, being productive for seven months of the year across three seasons. You’ll get around 50 large flowers in reds, pinks and yellows once established – at 15cms wide each! 
Gerberas are a popular perennial with gardeners and while dormant over winter, soon come back to life, bringing a lot of joy and fun to outdoor spaces. This offer includes one each of Sweet Glow (deep orange), Sweet Smile (warm honey yellow), and Sweet Spice (magenta purple). 

Geranium ‘Summer Twist’ - £14.99 for 12 plug plants
A new plant for this year, these heavily scented geraniums will give you striking displays all the way through from June to October with very little effort required. 
The flowers are bright red, fading through to pink, then white at the centres with an unusual serration on the petals, and sit on dark green leaves at around 40cm high when fully grown. They’re quite happy all over the garden, from pots and hanging baskets, to the front of a border where they’ll add interest for much of the year. And you don’t need to pinch them out. Just tidy up the flowers throughout the growing season. 

Five a day

Stella cherry tree

Stella cherries are popular for growing in the UK for their hardiness, and high yields of plump, sweet fruit - Credit: Enjoy Gardening More

There’s something so satisfying about popping into the garden to pick your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. And you really don’t need a great deal of space. Herbs will grow in even the teeniest of pots. And dwarfing and semi-vigorous rootstocks on fruit trees have made it easier than ever before to grow anything from apples and cherries to even peaches in pots. 

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Stella Cherry Tree - £14.99 for one bare root tree 
Grown on a dwarfing Colt rootstock, this is one of the most reliable, high yielding cherry trees available in the UK, grown widely in gardens up and down the country. 
The glossy deep red fruits are incredibly sweet and juicy – lovely for eating fresh from the branches, baked into pies or transformed into jams. Once mature (reaching a height and spread of 3m by 2.4m) Stella will produce a heavy crop of hundreds of pounds of cherries each year. 
The tree is self-fertile so doesn’t require a pollinating partner. And the soft pink blossom is a joy in mid to late spring. 

Raspberry Long-Cane - £14.99 for 5 canes
A huge breakthrough in raspberry production – these berries will fruit well in their first season 
as they haven’t been cut back. This means, after planting, 
you can expect raspberries 
this July and August. And each cane will produce around a pound of fruit for four to five years. 
Plant them in rows in your garden, about 60cms apart, or you can grow them in pots in a sunny position with cane or wire supports.  

Strawberry Sweet Colossus – 6 jumbo plug plants 
Some of the hugest strawberries on the market – there is nothing like the Sweet Colossus. The conical-shaped berries are June-bearing and each one grows almost to the size of a palm (weighing around 40g). Critically though, they retain that sweet, juicy strawberry flavour and aren’t diluted by their growth. They’re also high yielding. 
The berries are best at home in a bed, but will grow well in containers too with protection from birds. Plant them outside once the risk of frost has passed, in a sheltered, sunny position with compost of well-rotted manure for the best crops. 

Cherry Tomato Sungold SuperSweet - £12.99 for 6 plug plants 
These are a world exclusive for 2021. An outstanding in its field orange-gold cherry tomato, with growers claiming them to be the sweetest you will ever eat – at least four times more so than the average supermarket variety. 
You won’t be lumbered with a glut, as the fruits are quite happy on the plants, remaining ripe for a long time and producing a bountiful average of 400 tomatoes per plant. 
They’ll grow both outdoors and in a greenhouse, and need little more than regular watering to prevent splitting, and a high potash feed once flowers have formed. 
They’re ready to deliver during April for planting out from early May once the risk of frost has passed. 

Blueberries growing in a cream-coloured pot

Grow your own blueberries in a pot on a patio - Credit: Enjoy Gardening More

Blueberry Collection - £12.99 for 3 9cm potted plants
Grow your own ‘superfoods’ in the garden – filled with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In spring you’ll get fragrant blossom, with fruits ready to pick from June onwards – around 10lbs per bush each season. 

Your collection includes: 
New Hanover – the earliest and heaviest cropper with a delicious wild blueberry flavour. 
Blueberry Blueray – A mid-season cropper with juicy, 
sweet fruits. 
Ozark Blue – A late-cropper and a favourite in professional kitchens. 
The blueberries will grow in a bed or container/pot  (with acidic compost) and do best in the sunshine, with netting once in fruit to prevent the birds (who love them) getting a look in before you do.