Take a tour around the garden in Miranda Hart’s family home in Hamsphire

Hambledon House, Hampshire

Hambledon House, Hampshire - Credit: Archant

Hambledon House has been a popular mainstay of the National Garden Scheme for over 30 years.

Miranda Hart is one of the country’s best-loved comedians and actors. Her mother, Diana, is one of the National Garden Scheme’s best-loved garden owners, who has opened her garden in the Hampshire village of Hambledon for decades and who spent many years as a member of the Hampshire National Garden Scheme team.

Hambledon House, Hampshire (c) Leigh Clapp

Hambledon House, Hampshire (c) Leigh Clapp - Credit: Archant

Diana might be a consummate, if self-effacing, plantswoman and Miranda might be, by her own admission, something of a novice, but in this film specially created for the National Garden Scheme, they together reveal the joy and tranquillity that access to gardens – whether physical or virtual – can bring to everyone. Both confess to talking to their plants, both emphasise the simple rewards of tending plants and watching them grow, or of having access to another person’s beautiful garden.

Virtual Garden Visits will continue until June 25th

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