Why you should celebrate Somerset Garden Day

Grab your friends and make a day of it (c) Jane Hodgson

Grab your friends and make a day of it (c) Jane Hodgson - Credit: submitted

From flower gardens and greenhouses, to allotments and endless cider, people from all over Somerset are invited to down tools and celebrate their gardens no matter what size, shape or form on May 13 for Somerset Garden Day

Make it a family celebration

Make it a family celebration - Credit: submitted

There’s no denying it – throughout the year we put an enormous amount of effort into keeping and maintaining our beautiful gardens, which is why we think that all of that hard work deserves a proper celebration.

Garden Day has a simple ambition: to encourage everyone in Somerset to down tools, enjoy the pleasures of our gardens and acknowledge the effort that we put into keeping our garden just the way we like it.

On May 13, the Somerset Life team will be celebrating Somerset Garden Day in our little spaces of paradise, and would love you to join in the celebrations too in your own back gardens.

This year, as part of the celebrations, Somerset Garden Day is urging everyone to look the ‘bees knees’ and decorate their bonnets with beautiful flower crowns. Made from cut flowers and foliage, flowers crowns are the perfect accessory for every Garden Day celebration. Make them with your children, your friends and family, either with flowers from your local garden centre, or from your very own flowerbeds.

Of course, beyond just rest, relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family, there are benefits to simply being in your garden, and getting up close and personal with your flora and fauna.

Sara Venn, horticulturalist and Founder of Incredible Edible Bristol, shared her thoughts on why time in our gardens is so precious.

1. It’s good to talk

Learning to slow down and being in the present moment with people is essential. We gain happiness from deep and meaningful connections and relationships and spending time in each other’s company means you can pick up on any issues where someone may need support. Real connection isn’t through social media – it’s through quality time. We lead stupidly busy lives and it’s really easy to bounce from one day to the next, but if you check in with people regularly and in a meaningful way, you can be there for the people you care most about.

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2. Why I love to garden

The physical action of putting your hands in the soil and getting to grips with nature, raw and untouched, is really good for your mental wellbeing. Gardening also forces you to slow down, to take stock, and to appreciate that beauty comes with time, nurture and patience. As a flower sometimes takes months to grow and bloom, we reflect on our own lives and how patience can be a essential tool. Becoming aware of the seasons, and noticing the beauty of each of them, like the early morning frost that resembles twinkling diamonds on our lawns, through to the long summer days, makes you stop rushing through winter and into spring. It creates a greater appreciation of the world around us and the part we play in it.

3. Why we all need to celebrate Garden Day

I love the idea of sitting in my garden and inviting friends around - it’s simple and yet powerful. And we can all do it. However tiny your garden is (even if you’re sitting on a balcony) everyone can appreciate the space and time together. On a societal level, we have lots of people in houses that have gardens that they don’t look after, and we also have lots of people who would love to live in a house with a garden. The opportunity to open up your garden is so important in the world we live in, where we are constantly on the go. Garden Day gives us the excuse we need to sit with no pressure and relax, with no expectation, no agenda and no assumption - just simple and honest time together.

For more ideas and Garden Day inspiration, visit the Garden Day website and share your Garden Day activities using #gardenday.

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