14 stunning lights and lampshades for your home

Original BTC Oxford Pendant

Original BTC Oxford Pendant - Credit: Archant

It could be argued that lighting design is one of the most crucial elements of your home décor – and there are options to suit every need and all tastes

Palm tree floor lamp

Palm tree floor lamp - Credit: Archant

Set the tone

If you love Art Nouveau, a chandelier is a must-have, but take care when considering size. For those who revel in the world of Gatsby, you can’t go wrong with glamour and glitz, and a statement lamp would most certainly seal the deal. Add a sunburst mirror and a cocktail cart to complete the look.

Trombone pendant

Trombone pendant - Credit: Archant

Palm Tree floor lamp £995 & table lamp £305, audenza.com

Look up

A single pendant in a large room can look lost, but a chandelier doesn’t work in every space or every room design. Look out for lighting that delivers the impact of a large piece without overwhelming the room. Consider alternative materials too; metallics are on trend right now, but done carefully will remain relevant for years to come.

Heart LED

Heart LED - Credit: Archant

Trombone pendant, £478.80, darlighting.co.uk

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Shed a little light

LED technology allows us to use lights to add interest to parts of rooms where previously we could not. For a relaxing ambience, to cast gentle light at night or simply as a touch of fun, they’re the ideal solution.

Bonaldo Muffin lamp

Bonaldo Muffin lamp - Credit: Archant

Heart LED light on stand, £36, audenza.com


The standard lamp has certainly come a long way since the single pole and fringed shade of the ’70s. Pop one behind your favourite reading chair or use it to add interest to a forgotten corner.

Vita Asteria

Vita Asteria - Credit: Archant

Bonaldo Muffin lamp with metal frame, £910, gomodern.co.uk

Function first

When choosing certain lights, their purpose will affect your decision. In a dining area, for example, you want to be able to see what you’re eating, but avoid the clinical bright light of a canteen. Choose a light that offers simple, practical form and precise function, whilst also meeting your aesthetic demands.

8 Little Baby Company

8 Little Baby Company - Credit: Archant

Vita Asteria pendant light, £179, black-by-design.co.uk

For the children

Who remembers the nightlight from their childhood bedroom? Mine was a ceramic toadstool, with a painted rabbit on the side. I broke it one afternoon and was devastated. Give joy, a sense of security – and even inspire creativity – with a carefully chosen nightlight for your child’s room.

Tom Raffield Urchin

Tom Raffield Urchin - Credit: Archant

ElfaBase colour changing rocket lamp, £89.95, littlebabycompany.com

Side light

Wall lamps that become wall art when not in use are a beautiful way to complete the look of your room. Like table lamps, wall lamps are atmosphere creators rather than purely functional and a dimmer switch makes perfect sense.

Original BTC

Original BTC - Credit: Archant

Tom Raffield Urchin wall light, £245, rume.co.uk

A light to read by

When considering bedside lamps, how likely are you to opt for a pendant, rather than a table lamp? They make perfect sense, however. A bedside lamp should be set high enough to allow for late night reading without causing eyestrain and headaches, not to mention the fact that it looks pretty good too.

Taha lampshade

Taha lampshade - Credit: Archant

Original BTC Oxford Pendant, £219, www.originalbtc.com

Table a motion

Numerous lights in key points of a room offer the opportunity to create atmosphere, rather than simple practicality. Choose lamps and shades that offer something beautiful to admire even when the light is not in use.

Paros Pendant

Paros Pendant - Credit: Archant

Taha’a blue and gunmetal lampshade, £95, www.penelopehope.com

Design definition

Multiple pendant lamps deliver a powerful impact. Opt for similar pieces that work well when grouped together and take care over spacing and height.

Vita Aluvia pendant shade

Vita Aluvia pendant shade - Credit: Archant

Paros pendant light by Cattelan Italia, £560, www.chaplins.co.uk

Petal power

Animal, vegetable or mineral? This pretty shade could have sprung straight from Mother Earth.

Spiralitosa pendant light

Spiralitosa pendant light - Credit: Archant

Vita Aluvia pendant shade, £217, www.black-by-design.co.uk

Moveable feast

You can have this fabulous natural stone shade any way you want it. The adjustable light consists of a set of concentric rings that unravel once hanging to form a conical shape.

Escapology bulb

Escapology bulb - Credit: Archant

Clever. Spiralitosa pendant light, £639, www.urbanavenue.co.uk

Vintage inspiration

This design is inspired by the rattan frames of Lloyd Loom furniture design, and will look the part in any kind of room setting.

Bulb, £268, www.escapologyhome.com

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