2022 interior design trends: the latest stone looks and colours to use in your home

Stone bathroom design trends using Breccia Capraia marble from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

Use stunning Breccia Capraia marble with its soft greys, lavenders and whites in a “Dreamland” bathroom. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE. Photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd

A stunning home interior is just a stone’s throw away.

Steve Vanhinsbergh of stoneCIRCLE, a stonemasonry factory in Basingstoke, helps us choose stone for your home that fits in with this year's interior colour trends, as revealed by Sherwin-Williams

1. "Method" – warm oranges, browns and creams

Emperador marble bathroom vanity from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

A vanity in Emperador marble is perfect for creating the "Method" look. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

A rich earthy colour palette, this look is perfect for introducing warmth into your home, making open-plan spaces feel cosy, and adding a jolt of colour to hallways and living spaces.

Choose stones that come in deep orange, bronze, brown, cream and muted yellow to recreate this style. Travertine, available in classic, yellow or walnut shades, and Emperador marble fit this trend perfectly.

“These stones won’t date, are easy to care for and are hardwearing. They work well in bathrooms and living rooms,” Steve says. “Try mixing one or more different colours into the palette to add interest and create a space unique to you.”

2. "Opus" – deep rich blues, greys and corals

A tabletop in Rojo Alicante marble from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

A tabletop in Rojo Alicante marble will add a splash of strong colour to your living area. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

A luxurious and stylish colour blend, this look is made by teaming dusty blue stones, with corals and soft greys. It’s ideal for creating an opulent living room and kitchen.

Use bolder granites to pick up on the iron grey, red bay or samovar silver tints, or select a cocoa coloured quartz. Team with a tabletop in Rojo Alicante marble for a splash of strong colour.

“Granite and quartz are perfect to use for your kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, or as a top for your coffee table and bar. They are scratch and stain-resistant, as well as heatproof, so are durable and great for rooms that you use every day,” Steve adds. 

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3. "Dreamland" – pearlescent and organic greens

Stone kitchen design trends 2022 from stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry in Basingstoke

Organic green marbles will help you recreate the “Dreamland” style, Verde Cippolino is used here as a living room bar top. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE. Photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd

Natural, soft and inviting, this is a great colour palette to use in smaller spaces to make them feel larger and throughout contemporary homes for a bright, fresh feel.

“I recommend selecting a granite with a hint of quartz to make it sparkle, or a composite quartz top in natural linen. Marbles with organic green, such as Connemara, also suit this palette well," Steve says.

Marble is a timeless, classic stone choice, great for bathrooms. You could consider installing a stone shower tray or bath in a matching shade to complete the look.

4. "Ephemera"– ageless alabasters, pale yellows and subdued reds

Onice Bianco (white onyx) from stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry in Basingstoke

Stones like Onice Bianco (white onyx) never fade out of style and fit perfectly with the “Ephemera” palette. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE. Photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd

This is a classic combination based on primary colours. The creamy palette is great for creating a lavish interior. You can use it to design a spa-like bathroom, snug living space and homely kitchen. Light coloured marbles with alabaster, pink or warm yellow tones fit well with this palette.

“Neutral shades like these never fade from fashion and can help bring your home to life,” Steve says. “If you’re unsure of what stone or colour is right for you, then we can advise what materials are best for each room, and provide samples for you to view before making your final decision.” 

People have used stone throughout their homes since the Roman era, enjoying its natural beauty, practical properties and versatile design. It’s an easy material to work with and is available in a variety of shades and patterns, making it simple to incorporate into any home no matter the style, for an elegant and breath-taking feature.

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