A work of art: how to create a masterpiece in your home using natural stone

Avalanche marble stone countertop from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke and Japanese tea drinking equipment

The delicate colour and texture of this marble look, inspired by the art of Japanese tea drinking, creates a feeling of serenity and calm. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE; photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd.

How you can create an art-inspired home interior using natural materials.

“Our homes are the place we feel most comfortable, and where we spend most of our time,” says Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry company in Basingstoke.

“This is why they should reflect our personality, and be beautiful spaces that we can enjoy, relax and be ourselves in.”

Steve shares three stone looks inspired by traditions and works of art from all over the world and explains how to use them to create an elegant home interior.

Look one: A pearly white stone design influenced by the Japanese art of tea drinking

  • About the look: The Japanese tea ceremony comes from Zen Buddhism with its tradition of calm mindfulness, concentrating on the details of our surroundings, including the tea bowls and the marble on which they sit. The soft flowing lines of the marble add to the sense of serenity, creating a feeling of peace and harmony.
  • Stones used: Avalanche marble and Statuarietto marble
  • Where to place in your home: Use these delicately veined marbles to create an elegant coffee table or bar top in your living room and combine with wall cladding or kitchen splashback in the same or a complementary stone.
Azure kitchen stone countertop from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke with blue ornaments on top.

A bold and elegant azure stone look inspired by the art of Barbara Hepworth, that will help you create a stunning home interior. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE; photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd.

Look two: An extraordinary azure marble countertop inspired by the works of Barbara Hepworth

  • About the look: The marble's deep azure tones will make a stunning focal point, with the bold pattern and rich colour breathing life into your home. Much of Barbara Hepworth’s work focuses on bringing stone to life through the medium of modern sculpture, which was the inspiration for this style.
  • Stones used: Sodalite Blue marble, paired with Airy Concrete quartz
  • Where to place in your home: You can use the Sodalite Blue marble to create a distinctive bathroom vanity top. You could use the durable Airy Concrete quartz for a contemporary kitchen countertop, balancing it with the bright colours of the Sodalite marble on your upstands or splashback for a standout feature wall.
A bathroom countertop in Rosa Extremoz marble from stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry in Basingstoke

A luxurious bathroom look created using Rosa Extremoz marble. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE; photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd.

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Look three: Pale pink surfaces scattered with beauty products in a homage to femininity

  • About the look: Art déco bathrooms with wafts of Chanel No. 5 and rose petals were the inspiration behind this look. The pink marble lends itself wonderfully to the recreation of this golden age of luxury.
  • Stone used: Rosa Extremoz marble
  • Where to place in your home: The blend of pastel pink and creamy white that this beautiful marble holds are ideal to use in your bathroom to create a luxurious spa feel. You can use it as a vanity top, cladding for your walls and floor and to create a matching stone bath, sink or shower tray.

How to find more inspiring stone trends to use in your home

To discover other ways you can use stone in your home, or for recommendations of what materials will best suit your renovation project, you can contact the stoneCIRCLE team.

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