6 reasons why homeowners should choose bespoke furniture

(c) S.Rouse & Co

(c) S.Rouse & Co - Credit: Archant

Looking to redesign your home with unique pieces? We speak to David Spragg at S. Rouse & Co on the benefits of choosing bespoke, handmade furniture

(c) S.Rouse & Co

(c) S.Rouse & Co - Credit: Archant

1. The quality will surpass furniture bought on the high street and warehouse...

Crafted with consideration and care, bespoke furniture is built from start to finish under watchful eye of a professional. David Spragg at S.Rouse & Co offers all his customers a 15 year construction guarantee alongside the same warranty for the frame and springs of the sofas and chairs.

2. ...and an excellent aftercare service can put your mind at ease.

The work of a bespoke furniture maker doesn’t end once the piece leaves the warehouse. Sofas and chairs can be restored, repaired and re-upholstered as time goes on; covers can be replaced, broken springs fixed and cushions refilled. Think of handmade furniture as an investment.

(c) S.Rouse & Co

(c) S.Rouse & Co - Credit: Archant

S.Rouse & Co welcome back clients who want complete furniture or perhaps even just a touch-up of pieces they already have in their home. “Customers in Lydney bought a suite from us three years ago and have just asked for their furniture refurnished.”

3. The freedom to design furniture from scratch...

Opting for bespoke furniture allows for customers to choose the exact measurement, design, fabric and finish of their sofa or chairs. Chairs can be built with different measurements for ultimate comfort whatever your height, or different fillings for those who prefer a firmer or softer cushion.

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4. ...and there’s hundreds of fabrics to choose from.

Plaids, checks, stripes, modern greys to outlandish limes and pinks, the world is oyster when it comes to choosing the fabrics for a sofa, chair or suite. At S.Rouse & Co there’s even the option to pick a pair of custom-built curtains or blinds to match the furniture!

5. Enjoy a personal, intimate service...

From discussing ideas to installing furniture into your home, choosing bespoke furniture means customers can enjoy a personal service from start to finish with knowledgeable staff on hand throughout the process. The hassle of wandering round large furniture stores or warehouses, organising delivery and then rearranging sofas and chairs into your home is out of your hands.

6. ...and be assured that you’re in good hands.

As professionals in their field and relying on word of mouth and repeat business, bespoke furniture makers want to assure that furniture crafted meets their customers expectations. Passionate about the furniture he builds and creates, David Spragg at S.Rouse & Co believes “that will do”, isn’t good enough. “We pride ourselves on getting it right; we go into a home, measure the carpet, the curtains and blinds, and furniture deliberately to ensure everything made in store is correct.”

For more information on quality, made-to-measure sofas or chairs, as well as curtains, blinds and carpets or to book a consultation at S.Rouse & Co., visit the website or call 01242 234361. Alternatively the Cheltenham showroom can be found on Gloucester Road with on-site parking (open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-4pm).