Readying your home for summer: a must-read renovator's guide to fitting patio doors

UPVC sliding patio doors installed upstairs in a home in Dorset by Hussey and Briggs double glazing

Installing sliding UPVC patio doors can be one of the best ways to make the most of the stunning views that surround your home. - Credit: Hussey & Briggs

What simple changes can you make to your property to welcome the warm weather?

“People always consider repainting, replacing furniture and relaying flooring to transform a room, but they often overlook their backdoor,” says Gary Briggs, owner of Hussey & Briggs double glazing installers in Dorset.

“Sliding patio doors are one of the best ways to maximise your indoor and outdoor space, bring more natural light into your home, and get the most out of summer.”

Gary shares some insider tips to help you find the perfect pair of patio doors for your house.

Q: What do I need to know before shopping for new patio doors?

A: First, decide where to place them and assess how much available space you have. It’s important to plan your room’s layout and how your new doors will fit into it. As sliding doors are flush to the wall, they work well in smaller living spaces and gardens, as there’s no need to leave a gap for the door to open. They’re also safe, as they won’t be blown around during storms and high winds.

Sliding patio doors installed in a living room at a home in Dorset by Hussey & Briggs

Sliding patio doors are a great way to transform your home and garden into a summer entertaining space. - Credit: Hussey & Briggs

Q: Where can I install my patio doors?

A: Almost anywhere. Most people choose to fit them in living rooms, kitchens or dining areas – often rooms that lead onto the garden. This creates a seamless transition between the outside and interior, allows ample natural light to flood the space and offers unobscured views of the garden and surrounding landscape.

During summer, you can throw open the doors, producing one large, continuous space, ideal for hosting friends and family. Even closed, you’ll be able to savour the sunsets and dusky evening sky.

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People often want to install a conservatory for these same reasons, but don’t always possess the outside space to do so. Patio doors provide a great alternative.

Energy-efficient patio doors installed by Hussey & Briggs in Dorset

Specialised materials and A-rated double glazing ensure your patio doors are energy efficient. - Credit: Hussey & Briggs

Q: Can patio doors only be installed on the ground level?

A: No, they can be added upstairs too. Lots of people love installing patio doors in their bedrooms. It’s a great way to make the most of the views on offer. However, you will need to fit a balcony or security bars for safety.

Q: What material is best for patio doors?

A: Our craftsmen will tailor your doors to suit your bespoke design. You can select from a variety of sizes, colours and materials, including:

  • UPVC – A budget-friendly option, UPVC patio doors are long-lasting, weatherproof and easy to maintain. They are also great at keeping out noise. Best for: value and new build homes.  
  • Aluminium – A versatile design, offering slim sightlines for a sleek finish and maximum viewing potential. Aluminium patio doors are easy to clean and incredibly durable. It’s the most suitable material to use if you’re after a particularly large door. Best for: seaside and coastal properties with stunning views.  
  • Timber – Stylish and timeless, timber patio doors are sustainably sourced, hardwearing and add a touch of originality and inspiration to your home’s exterior. Best for: period and traditional homes.
Sliding aluminium patio doors installed by Hussey & Briggs in Dorset

Aluminium patio doors have slim sightlines that allow ample natural light to enter your home and offer unobscured views. - Credit: Hussey & Briggs

Q: Are patio doors energy-efficient?

A: Absolutely. We design all of our doors using specialised materials and A-rated double glazing for improved heat retention. We install A-rated locks as standard, ensuring your patio doors are secure.

Q: How long will it take to install my patio doors?

A: We complete installation within a day, resulting in minimal disruption to your routine, and for safety – your home won’t be left vulnerable overnight. Our fitters are qualified professionals and employed in-house, to guarantee high-quality and excellent customer service.

Timber patio doors installed in a Dorset home by Hussey & Briggs

Timber patio doors are a classic and timeless choice for traditional properties. - Credit: Hussey & Briggs

Q: How can I find the best patio doors for my home?

A: I always recommend visiting one of our showrooms before making a purchase. You can view our range of doors, test them, discover how they work and speak to a member of our team for expert guidance. Once you’ve decided which design you prefer, we’ll provide an accurate quote for the project.

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