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Edward in Mint Green by the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is no quick fix to the bedroom situat

Edward in Mint Green by the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is no quick fix to the bedroom situation! Guaranteed for a lifetime, Edward will offer you strength, stability and has nothing to hide. Double £674, excluding mattress and delivery - Credit: Craig Taberner

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Q: Having guests saying they didn’t sleep well over Christmas has convinced us we need to invest in new beds. I’m not sure whether to get a cheap and cheerful bed or invest in one to last, and is the mattress more important than the base?

A: The longevity of any lasting relationship is always based on solid foundations and unconditional love! Therefore, when choosing a bed always assess whether in years to come it will still make you feel comfortable, protected and secure. When it comes to beds, you get what you pay for. Going cheap to start with may save pennies in the bank, but eventually there will be times of unrest and sleepless nights, that inevitably will end in a sad departure.

But trying to spot the signs of a lasting relationship on the first meeting can be tricky. So always look for quality and strength! Although attraction plays a key role in any relationship, the comfort and safety comes from within. So what’s on the inside must also take a considered investment.

Our expert tip is that beds and mattresses are like relationships... we never enter one only wanting a quick fix! So why would we want that with our bed and mattress?

Harry Thompson, Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, The Club House, Fring Road, Shernborne, PE31 6SA; 01485 542516;

Q: We have a long upstairs hallway, badly lit by one central light. I don’t want lots of cables showing; what can we do?

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A: I find corridors very exciting places to light, as with a little imagination they can look very special. We have recently lit two with some very different end interest; in one case, a statue outside a window and in the other, a table with a vase of flowers added, but in both cases we now have depth of field.

Offsetting recessed downlighting from a centre line can be very dramatic particularly if the fitting can be tilted and you can wash the walls with a scalloping effect or use alternative scoop downlights to illuminate pictures or photographs and create your very own gallery. Using very small sources on each side pushes out the space and makes it seem much wider; these can be directed down on to ornamentation on narrow tables or chests of draws. Low level skirting lighting is very dramatic and, as with all the sources, don’t forget if they are dimmable they can provide good night lighting and reassurance light to children and guests who may not be familiar with the house layout. If you have an archway or two, up-lighting from the floor can really make the architecture stand out.

Andrew Fisher, The Norwich Architectural Lighting Company Limited, Hurrican Way, Airport Industrial Estate, Norwich; 01603 418821;

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