BedSOS: Best for discount beds in the UK

When you shop for cheap beds at BedSOS, you will find a variety of options at prices you can afford.

When you shop for cheap beds at BedSOS, you will find a variety of options at prices you can afford. - Credit: Archant

After a bed, mattress, headboard or bedroom furniture? For the best deals look no further than BedSOS...


BedSOS - Credit: Archant

Beds don’t have to be as expensive as you might think they could be. Today you can visit the BedSOS website to check out all sorts of amazing beds for cheap. At BedSOS, you will get the most out of your bed-shopping experience. You will especially save money against the high street when you shop at BedSOS. The site has some of the best deals for beds, mattresses and other bedroom products that you will ever find.

Based out of Darlington in County Durham, BedSOS is a place that offers cheap beds for sale. You can find beds in many sizes here as well as mattresses, headboards and furniture for your bedroom. The products available for sale on this site will help complete your bedroom without blowing your budget in the process.

What Beds Can You Find?

When you shop for cheap beds at BedSOS, you will find a variety of options at prices you can afford. You can search for beds from a variety of top brands like Emporia, Birlea, Time Living, Monza Italia and much more. You can also search for beds based on their finishes.

The beds come in many forms for all sorts of needs. You can get a storage bed that has a few spaces on the sides and bottom area for storing items. A childrens bed will come with a simple yet inviting space. You can even order a TV bed that lets you hook up a television set to the end.

When you look around the site, you will notice significant discounts on the products. You can find beds that are available for 40% or more off of their regular retail prices.

For instance, if you are looking for cheap double visit the website.You will find 3-foot and 4-foot-6 beds with some huge discounts. A double-sanded Time Living double bed that normally costs £725 can be found for £399, for instance. A basic Time Living metal frame bed that costs £239 can be found for £119 as well.

For cheap king size beds visit the website where you’ll find even more discounts. These includes many 5-foot beds that you can get 0% financing on. You can get financing from £24.25 per month for a Time Living storage bed. You can also pay £485 for that bed, a significant deal considering that it is regularly £865.

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What About Mattresses?

You can find cheap mattresses at BedSOS too. Many of these mattresses are available for next-day delivery. These include options from Julian Bowen and Kidsaw among others. Sprung and memory foam mattresses are available as well as ones for children.

You can save half off of the prices of these mattresses through BedSOS. A Slumber Sleep orthopedic double mattress that regularly costs £309 can be found for £149, for example.

There are even big deals on memory foam mattresses. A Slumber Sleep king size memory foam mattress that runs for £620 on the high street is available through BedSOS for £309.

Don’t Forget Other Products

There are plenty of other products that you can order for your bedroom from BedSOS. You can order headboards in metal, wood or faux leather designs. These can be found in many colours including cream, silver, white and nickel to name a few. All of these designs can mix in well with other pieces all around your bedroom.

Bedroom furniture is also available for all kinds of spaces in your room. Complete the look in your room with a chest of drawers, a dressing table, a wardrobe or even a blanket box. Wood and faux leather finishes are available in a vast variety of colours.

Don’t struggle with traditional high street prices. Visit BedSOS and you will see just how much money you could be saving when you buy your bed, mattress or other items for your bedroom through BedSOS. The products available for your use include many options that fit in perfectly within your bedroom and will create a more comfortable and inviting space for sleep.

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