Colour Coding your house

When you've planned, extended, knocked through, plumbed and installed, the final push - furniture, soft furnishings, flooring and paint colours can be one dilemma too far.

The choice in the marketplace is immense and all but the most colour-confident can be daunted by the task ahead. Now Dulux, renowned manufacturer of a huge range of paints for all situations, has introduced an interior design service into the East Midlands to suit everyone. Its director, Nottingham-based designer Marianne Shillingford, plans to expand Dulux's expertise in colour inspiration by offering homeowners the chance to work with a professional interior designer, without the fear of runaway costs or 'designer overkill'.Marianne explains that people often struggle to get the right look for their home, but feel it would be too costly to use a professional interior designer. The Dulux Design Service offers three levels of service to suit every budget. Whether you want a �250 design scheme to give you ideas and confidence, or a complete package, including sourcing and project management, the service can help you transform your home into the perfect personal space. The service's designers aren't linked to any particular brands and have access to a fabulous range of fabrics, furniture, flooring, lighting and paints, which can be used in a style to suit the client, rather than one which the designer imposes. If necessary, a team of skilled craftsmen can be called upon, also managed by the designer.Dulux has put together a small selection of ideas to help inspire the hapless decorator. Each has a theme and uses colours, textures and shapes to reinforce its mood. 'Hidden Beauty' is based on sheer and embossed patterns whose design can only be seen when touched by soft lighting. With feminine detailing and a calming neutral palette of skin tones, nude pinks and rich browns, this scheme is perfect for bedrooms and areas where the emphasis is on relaxation.'Ebb and Flow' uses the fluidity and organic nature of water in all its forms to produce a cool and lively scheme, its translucent blues and greens highlighted with accents of apricot - the perfect herald to the coming months, with hints of summer seas and clearwater pools. 'Growing Respect' addresses concerns about the environmental issues of recycling, reuse and reclamation, responding to the need to adopt a responsible and respectfull approach to our world. It uses sustainable materials and products that are flexible and adaptable and draws on a palette of weathered mid-tones of bark, shale, rust and mustard, balanced with the paler botanical shades of pollen, apple and moss. Its mood is light and contemporary, however, and uses funky accessories to add fun. Dulux also provides gift vouchers for its design service in the form of 'Room in a Box', which provides a Level 1 consultation to transform a room of the recipient's choice. The initial meeting with your Dulux designer is free. Visit to find out more or call 0845 880 6888 to make an appointment.

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