Family values set Warma-way apart as one of Yorkshire's leading heating companies

Warma·way has been offering a superb high-quality service for over 40 years, riding many financial ups and downs by just being great at what they do.

There is a company that has been offering a superb high-quality service for over 40 years, riding many financial ups and downs by just being great at what they do. Warma�way is a rare and almost extinct breed, a family-owned and run heating and electrical business in the heart of Yorkshire.

Brian Redgwick started installing central heating systems in the late 1960s later joined by his son John who now runs the company with his wife Lynn from their Dewsbury base.

The business is a true family affair with their sons Scott and Adam now running the sales and project management areas of the business. So after 40 years, three generations of Redgwicks now look after one of Yorkshire’s leading heating firms, but it’s not just great family values that have set this company apart.

‘We have always striven to help our customers achieve their ideals, and do so with the highest possible level of professionalism and care,’ said John. ‘For a regular domestic central heating system Adam spends time finding out what you need, where you need to be most comfortable, what rooms need to be warmer than others, and being a fully qualified installation engineer, he is able to advise and offer the best value for your investment. We guarantee that if the room is supposed to be a constant 21� it will be.’

But over the last few years Warma�way has grown. ‘We have found that our customers trust us so much that they asked for more services and we set up a full service and maintenance plan so people could use a local firm they trust.,’ said John.‘Then we set up an electrical business that runs to our exacting standards. This means that we can give a complete bespoke service without having to rely on outside contractors,’ he added.

An area that Warma�way is gaining in great recognition is the installation  of under floor heating.  ‘This is one of the best and cheapest ways to heat your home and we have a team of specialist installers doing this daily,’ said Scott. ‘It means you have consistent temperatures and no radiators so you can arrange your furniture as you like,’ he added. But the most exciting part of the business is its bespoke installationsand the use of various  renewable energy sources.

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The government intends to introduce grants for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint by having renewable energy systems installed using a certified MCS installer. This means you could claim back �1,000 a year if you have a ground source energy instillation or �300 a year for solar panels, that’s like getting the government to pay your heating bills.

Warma�way are proud to be one of the few MCS certified installers in Yorkshire and are currently working with property owners, builders, developers and architects on bespoke instillations.For a totally free no obligation energy and heating assessment or to find out more and request an information pack email or call 0800 013 0133

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