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to come on the page - Credit: Archant

There’s a theory that Christmas can only be loud, brash, and let’s face it, a little bit naff – but chuck out the tinsel and go for decor with a touch of class

to come on the page

to come on the page - Credit: Archant

When it comes to decorating the home for Christmas, Li Case - owner of the South West’s award-winning lifestyle store Orange Tree - has an eye for creating beautiful looks that can transform a room. Collecting products and ideas from her travels across the globe, the style maven uses her instincts to spot emerging trends. So with this in mind, we asked Li for her top decorating tips this festive season:

“Homes should be full of light at Christmas and there’s nothing more magical than candle light - it’s soft, comforting, movable and reflects wonderfully off polished surfaces like glasses, napkin rings, and Christmas decorations. Whatever you choose go with odd sizes and an odd number to get that relaxed ‘thrown together’ look. Alternatively, add a contemporary twist with a string of pom pom lights or a striking LED tree.

“Choose a colour scheme. It doesn’t have to be traditional but it does have to be consistent to avoid a sensory overload. Carry your scheme through all aspects of Christmas - from wrapping to wreaths - to create one definite look. In my own home I’ll be using turquoise and purple and love the peacock- inspired products available this year. There’s fun to be had so don’t be afraid to experiment - this is your annual opportunity to get creative.

“Add statement pieces like faux fur throws and sheep skins that break with tradition, make a room cosy and can be kept out when Christmas is over. Antlers are seriously on trend at the moment and we’re loving the one-off decorative antlers made by Cullompton company Skulldouggery. For those on more of a budget, look out for Gisela Graham’s sparkly beaded reindeer heads.

“Retro decorations are another of my hot tips for this season so look out for hand painted glass ornaments in quirky shapes like those made by U.S. designer Cody Foster. Coming in vibrant colours and fun designs, the look epitomises Christmas and will bring out the big kid in everyone.

“Don’t forget that smell plays an important role in completing your festive ambience. Scented candles and diffusers are an easy way to bring fresh fragrances into the home and few people do that better than Melt or St Eval. As a finishing touch, pile logs near the door or fireplace to bring the smell of outdoors inside.”

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