Top interior designs trends for 2022: 4 stunning looks you can recreate in your home 

Deep, earthy, rustic tones are going to dominate the interior design trends of 2022 at Josies Interiors in Devon.

Deep, earthy, rustic tones are going to dominate the interior design trends of 2022. - Credit: Kaemingk

Are you considering redesigning or revamping your home in the New Year? 

Here to share some inspiration for sprucing up your home décor is James Webster, managing director of Josie’s Interiors in Bideford, North Devon.  

Below, he shares four great ideas to improve your interior design.

1. Organic neutrals  

Neutrals are the pinnacle of modern interior design right now - beiges, browns, greys and creams are classic, staple colours for a stylish home. Displaying these tones through natural materials is a great way to add texture to your décor scheme and bring the outside world in. 

At Josie’s Interiors, we use only the best craftspeople around the world to make our products, offering a variety of natural materials including teak wood, handmade terracotta and clay ceramics. Our artisan collection includes stone kitchenware and mango wood frames, providing an array of various shapes and unique designs with neutral shades. Using a combination of organic materials like stone and wood will bring a chic, minimalist look to your home.

Tasselled, tafetta cushions and knit blankets from Josies Interiors in Devon will keep your home cosy in 2022

Textured materials in neutral shades of brown, cream and grey keep your house modern but cosy with a 70s twist. - Credit: Kaemingk

2. Scandinavian interiors  

The Scandinavian style of décor follows this trend of rich textures with muted palettes – a theme which runs through the interiors of many European homes and has become increasingly popular in the UK. 

Nude furniture with clean, simple lines has dominated interior design this year and will continue to do so in 2022. A great way to inject some colour into a neutral living space is with soft furnishings – tasselled, taffeta cushions will add an on-trend 70s vibe, while layering with chunky-knit blankets and throws will bring some warmth and cosiness. This contemporary style works especially well for open-plan living spaces with a minimalist style.

Earthenware jugs and antique bottles are great for adding some rustic, natural finishing touches to your kitchen.

Earthenware jugs and antique bottles are great for adding some rustic, natural finishing touches to your kitchen. - Credit: Kaemingk

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3. Earthy, rich tones 

Today's colour trends have moved on from bright pops of colour like mustard yellow to more intense, deeper tones like forest green and burnt amber. This kind of colour palette helps to bring rooms to life in a more sophisticated way.

You can introduce these tones into your home with various accessories such as our amber rustic pillar candles, antique glass bottles and earthenware jugs. For a natural, invigorating look, add a splash of colour with green grazed planters, rattan photo frames, linen and maybe clay-toned bedding, cushion and throws. You can also freshen up your space by adding artificial plants and greenery to keep it fresh.

Different coloured glassware from Josies Interiors in Devon to add a splash of colour to the home.

Use recyclable, sustainable materials like the mouth-blow glass vases from Josies Interiors to keep your home stylish whilst supporting the environment. - Credit: Kaemingk

4. Sustainability 

The modern home is now an eco-friendly one that incorporates sustainable, recycled materials into its interior design. We’ve seen a transition in homeowner’s interests, and many are now more conscious about where their items are sourced and how they are made. In response to the climate crisis, many suppliers in the interior design industry are now switching to greener materials for their products.   

Our glassware collection is made from 100 per cent recycled glass in Spain. We have mouth-blown, hand-finished glass pieces that make stunning centre pieces for tables or décor for shelves - items like the vintage, recycled glass vase adds a special touch to your space, and for an extra homey feel, you can introduce our sets of tealight candles, made from organic wax presented in a recycled glass vase. 

Much of our furniture is made using sustainably-sourced acacia and teak wood pulled from the Indian Ocean, including sideboards, coffee tables and a floor length mirror, helping to keep homes stylishly furnished while supporting the environment.

Josie’s Interiors offer high-quality products and a unique customer experience. Their aim is to inspire homeowners and help them create beautiful, contemporary, joyous living spaces, bespoke to their taste and budget. 

Head to for more information. Alternatively, contact them on 01237 421115 or Get inspired by following them on Facebook and Instagram.  

You can also visit them at 9 - 10 Cooper Street, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2DA.