Why floral design is a major trend for the home in 2020

Dusty Pink Floral mural, from £29/m2, wallsauce.com

Dusty Pink Floral mural, from £29/m2, wallsauce.com - Credit: Archant

Florals in interior design has been a thing since forever, but this season they’re big, bold and brilliantly beautiful

Paradise Garden quilted floral bedspread, 148, frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk

Paradise Garden quilted floral bedspread, 148, frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk - Credit: Archant

Using flowers and foliage in the home is no new trend, although in terms of ‘fashion’, it has ebbed and flowed. Over the last couple of years the emphasis has been on botanicals – green leaves and jungle prints, rather than florals, with dazzling greens and splashes of tropical colour taking preference over our native blooms. For 2020, however, we are seeing a resurgence of traditional florals, tending towards the big and the bold, with bright and vivid colourways and blooms tumbling over one another to say their piece. One of the joys of florals is that they never really date, so if you’re looking to add colour and vivacity to a space this is a design trend to investigate.

Today’s bold floral delights make a room refresh an easy task. If you have chosen to stay neutral in your walls and furniture, then throwing in bright and blowsy flower-print cushions and a rug that tones with your colour choice delivers instant impact. In a bedroom, choose floral bedlinen or a throw for a refresh without hassle or great expense.

If a complete make-over is on the cards, consider the dramatic impact of a full wall mural or floral wallpaper. The joy of a mural is that you can choose a removable peel-and-stick option, made-to-measure for your space, so your commitment to the floral display need only be temporary. This would be a fabulous option for a dining room or guest room.

However you decide to work it, don’t forget the power of scent in the home. Add diffusers or candles in favourite scents from an English country garden, for an appropriate finishing touch.

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