Bathroom design ideas: how to create a space that you love

Geberit's Aspire and Select collections from ColeRoberts showroom in Loughborough

Explore Geberit's new Select and Aspire collections for design inspiration. - Credit: Geberit

We reveal the dos and don’ts of bathroom design to ensure you can create a room that you’ll adore.

Steve Roberts, director of ColeRoberts, a bathroom specialist in Loughborough, shares his top tips to help you create a bathroom that looks and feels great and functions perfectly.

Q: What’s the first thing someone renovating their bathroom needs to ask?

A: Ask yourself ‘how can I create a bathroom that reflects my needs and personality?’

It’s all about personal style. If you live in Georgian or Edwardian property, then it’s likely you’ll favour a more traditional or vintage style bathroom. Alternatively, a contemporary and minimal bathroom design will better suit your tastes if you live in a new-build home or open-plan space.

Wall hung toilet and concealed cabinets from Geberit on sale at ColeRoberts in Loughborough

Opt for a wall hung toilet and concealed cabinets to help you make the most of your available bathroom space. - Credit: Geberit

You should also consider the type of bathroom experience you want to create. For example, an enormous bathtub is ideal if you want to relax and create an idyllic home spa, and a jet shower will revolutionise your morning shower. Geberit offers a wide range of products to suit all tastes and styles.

Q: My bathroom space is quite small – how can I make it look good?

A: A modular bathroom design is the best option for smaller spaces. Their concealed frames will hide piping in the walls, disguise basins, and lift toilets and cabinets off the floor, making the space appear larger. You can also choose to conceal taps and other fittings for a sleek finish.

I recommend exploring Geberit’s iConAcanto and ONE series. Their concealed Sigma frames are stylish, robust and easy to fit. Geberit’s concealed mirror cabinets offer savvy storage solutions that will help keep your bathroom tidy.

Q: Is it best to follow current interior design trends or opt for a more timeless look?

Patterned bathroom tiles from Geberit on sale at ColeRoberts in Loughborough

Experiment with patterned tiles and bathroom accessories to create a bathroom that reflects your personality. - Credit: Geberit

A: If you're living in your forever home, then choose a design that you, personally, love - be guided by taste more than trends. I recommend checking out the Geberit Xeno² range. If you plan on buying or renting the property, then observing current market trends could help you fetch the best price for your house. You can explore design idea online or visit our showroom for inspiration. 

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Whatever style you opt for, it’s always best to invest in high-quality products to ensure your bathroom will look just as good in 15 years as it does now.

Q: What’s your number one recommendation to people currently renovating their bathroom?

A: See a professional bathroom designer first – people always lay out their bathroom according to the shape of the building or an architect’s guidance. While this is important, it can limit your design and you may end up with a bathroom you’re not entirely happy with.

The key to any good bathroom design is to first consider your drainage. Once you have this figured out, you can ensure your bathroom is perfectly set up for the products you want to install. I recommend paying a professional designer before signing off on the layout.

We offer an expert design service where we can suggest ideas and give guidance on how best to put your bathroom together. I also advise hiring a professional installer to fit your bathroom, for the best results.

Q: How can I design a bathroom that reflects my personality?

A: Choose a quality bathroom manufacturer, like Geberit, who supply products in a range of colours, textures, sizes and finishes. Explore the Aspire collection for inspiration. This will enable you to be creative and inject your personality into the space. You can explore different brassware finishes and experiment with patterned tiles to add character to the design. Add matching bathroom accessories for a truly unique look.

Q: Why use a professional bathroom design service?

A: Designing a bathroom may look easy, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make a room look truly amazing. This is why it’s best to consult an expert to ensure you don’t miss any important steps and that all factors are accounted for during planning.

We’ll make sure your bathroom suits your needs and that everything fits perfectly into your space.

You can visit our showroom to explore the full range of Geberit products and get inspired for your bathroom renovation journey. We offer a free design consultation where we can discuss your project in detail and show you how to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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