A room-by-room guide to using natural stone in your home renovation

neuttral contemporary stone kitchen designed by stoneCIRCLE in Basingtoke

Using white or neutral coloured stone in your kitchen will create a light, airy feel, perfect for open-plan kitchens. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

How to use natural stone to create a tranquil and beautiful home design.

Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke, reveals what natural stone products will work best in your home, and where you should place them when planning your renovation project.

1. Create a stunning stone spa

stoneCIRCLE book-matched marble bathroom at a home in Basingstoke

Book-matched marble is a popular choice for bathrooms to add a touch of class and elegance. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

“Stone is a natural choice for bathrooms – it’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and de-stress,” Steve says.

Stone is easy to clean, hard-wearing and lovely to look at, so makes a very practical aesthetically pleasing material to incorporate into your bathroom design.

Introduce warmth into the space by using sandy-coloured stones like travertine and limestone to craft vanity tops, sinks and shower trays. 

A made-to-measure stone floor is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your décor. Steve suggests using “book-matched white marble for an opulent finish, or granite flooring for a striking effect.”

Adding a bath surround or vanity in complementary or matching stone will help bring the room together.

2. Design a knockout kitchen

Another great way to incorporate stone in your interiors is to use it for the worktops and floor of your new kitchen. stoneCIRCLE offer a wide range of granite, limestone, quartz and sintered stone for you to choose from.

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“We recommend using granite, quartz or sintered stone for your countertops as they are durable, heatproof, scratch and stain resistant,” Steve says. “The cool temperature of the stone is also ideal for rolling out pastry and preparing food.”

“Straight-angled worktops suit sleek, contemporary kitchens and a curved worktop can complement more traditional homes for a softer finish.”

Consider fitting a splashback in a matching or contrasting stone for an eye-catching feature.

3. Creating an enchanting entrance

Stone staircase cut and designed by stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

A stone staircase is a perfect way to welcome visiting guests. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

A stone staircase is guaranteed to wow your guests as you welcome them into your home.

“Stone has been used for millennia as flooring on the ground floor, in hallways, and for staircases, as it's stylish and durable," explains Steve.

The material's perfect for making a lasting impression on your guests, especially if you choose one of the more striking stones such as a heavily veined marble or granite, or combine stones such as white and black marble.

For a seamless design, use the same stone throughout your hallway. Neutral and cream stones work well in open-plan spaces, providing a light feel.

4. Plan a lavish living space

Dark granite stone countertop used on a living room bar cut by stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

A dark, glossy stone bar will add a dramatic flair to any living space. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

As the heart of your home, you want a lounge area where you can relax and feel truly at peace. You can use stone to design a room that suits your lifestyle and mirrors your personality.

“A natural stone fireplace makes a stunning architectural feature. It’s also a brilliant way to bring family and friends together,” Steve says. “For rooms without a fireplace, we can design a feature wall in marble cladding to create a similar effect.”

You could also use marble, slate or granite as a beautiful top for a coffee table or living room bar.

5. Construct a naturally beautiful swimming pool

Limestone indoor swimming pool crafted by stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

Stone is a natural choice to create an idyllic indoor swimming pool. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

If you’ve got the budget and space, using stone for the floors, walls, steps and coping for your indoor pool is a great way to bring nature into your home.  Add stone benches as a finishing touch.

“Choose the same material for each of these elements for a harmonious effect or try contrasting different shades to add depth and texture to the space,” Steve advises.

“Limestone, granite and marble work well in swimming pools, saunas and wet rooms. They are practical choices for wet environments, require minimal upkeep and are long-lasting.”

An anti-slip finish can also be applied to the stone for your safety and protection.

Why choose stoneCIRCLE?

“No matter where you intend to use stone throughout your home, we can recommend the best materials, and offer ideas to help you build the house of your dreams,” Steve says.

“We have over 50 years of experience working with stone and use traditional craftsmanship techniques and bespoke cutting technology to design pieces that are perfect for your property.”

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