How to design stunning sustainable stone kitchen countertops

How to design your kitchen countertops from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

Your countertops are a focal feature of your kitchen, so it's important to choose the right material and colour. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE/Marco Joe Fazio

Use our handy step-by-step guide to design kitchen worktops perfect for cooking, dining, working and hosting.

“Home design has changed in the last 18 months,” reveals Steve Vanhinsbergh, director of stoneCIRCLE - one of the largest stonemasonry companies in England. “We now work, eat and host at home, more so than ever before, which means we need flexible, multi-purpose spaces that cater to our busy schedules.”

To help you create a kitchen that meets your needs, Steve has compiled a step-to-step guide of everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen.

Step 1: Beginning your kitchen project

Stone countertop for your kitchen island from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

A kitchen island or breakfast bar is a great way to create a multifunctional kitchen space, perfect for cooking, hosting and working. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE/Marco Joe Fazio

Browsing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz for different design inspiration can seem like a good idea, but it can quickly become overwhelming given the amount of choice available. It's best to decide on one element of the room and work out from there.

Your kitchen countertops are one of the key focal points of the room, so starting with them will allow you to decide on a colour scheme into which you can fit the cupboards and appliances.

Step 2: Choosing a material for your kitchen worktops

Picking the right material is vital. You want a kitchen that can withstand daily use, will look as good in ten years as it does now, and that is as practical as it is stunning.

Stone is the perfect material to use - it’s durable, easy to maintain and is heat and scratch-resistant too. Stone can be more sustainable than other materials - it's a natural material that doesn't need energy-costly manufacturing processes, and the more local it is, the less carbon miles are used to transport it.  

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We’re very conscious of doing our bit for the planet, which is why we use solar power, and rain and recycled grey water in our workshops, as well as recycling the smaller offcuts for use as building hardcore.

Different stones are more suitable for certain uses than others. For example, I recommend using granite, quartz or sintered stone for your kitchen countertops as they have low porosity, are hygienic and require minimal upkeep.

Step 3: Pick the pattern and colour of your kitchen countertops

Quartz is a great choice for traditional kitchens, as the patterning is less varied, allowing you to create a uniform look, alternatively, a lightly speckled granite will also work well. Use beige or sandy coloured quartz or granite for a warm cottage style. Light or white marble and granite worktops work best in open-plan spaces to achieve a modern, airy feel. Some of the Dekton and Neolith colours look spectacular in this sort of surrounding as well.

White stone countertops works well in open plan homes says stoneCIRCLE director in Basingstoke

Choose light or white stone countertops to use in open-plan spaces for a fresh, airy feel. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

We’re also noticing more people opt for dark, bolder tones. Green is a popular colour to use in kitchens at the moment, so Verde Bamboo quartzite would be the ideal choice. Jet-black granite-like Nero Assoluto pairs well with neutral-coloured walls for a sleek finish.   

Step 4: Decide what style of kitchen countertops you want

We make all our stone worktops to measure so they will fit perfectly in any size, style or layout of room. You can design a waterfall countertop that continues down the side of your kitchen island or cabinet for a seamless, flowing design.

Installing a stone breakfast bar is a great way to open up the space, and provides the perfect surface for working from home. Dropping the height of your counters will create an ideal dining area, whereas higher kitchen worktops are perfect for preparing meals.

Stone kitchen island and countertop design advice from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

Quartz, granite and sintered stone are perfect for your worktops as they are heat and scratch resistant, durable and hygienic - Credit: stoneCIRCLE /Marco Joe Fazio

Step 5: Install the ideal kitchen appliances

Build a hob into your kitchen countertop or island to enable you to cook at the same time as entertaining your guests. Mobile charging stations and sockets can also be fitted into the worktop, which is ideal if you’re using your mobile to look up a recipe or watching a film on your laptop while you cook.   

Step 6: Find the design advice you need

The secret to designing a stunning kitchen is finding the expertise and guidance you need to help you choose the best materials, and create stunning bespoke kitchen features that are perfect for your home.

We use traditional craftsmanship techniques and the latest stone cutting technology to make beautiful stone features to your exact specifications which bring your kitchen to life.

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