Expert’s top design tips to help you design the kitchen of your dreams

Open plan kitchen and living spaced designed by Bower Willis Designs in Shipston

Open-plan and multifunctional living spaces continue to be popular - especially with people continuing to work from home. - Credit: Bower Willis Designs

From revealing the latest 2021 kitchen trends to learning how to arrange your room – our design guide has it all.

We speak to Angela Bower from Bower Willis Designs in Shipston-on-Stour who shares everything you need to know about planning your new kitchen.

Q: When designing my kitchen, what things will I need to consider?

A: First decide if you want to rework your existing kitchen space, extend the room or change its internal layout. Consider what doesn’t work well in your current kitchen. This will help you focus on what you want to fix.

Also, think about how you want to use your kitchen. Do you enjoy home cooking, hosting guests, or working at your kitchen island? This will help inspire your design.

Q: How can I design my kitchen to suit my lifestyle?

A: Your choice of materials, fittings and appliances may be determined by your lifestyle, personality and needs.

If you’re eco-conscious, using sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances will help you lower your carbon footprint. Busy families can choose durable worktops and plan kitchen islands to offer ample storage space and flexible seating arrangements, creating a versatile kitchen area where you can cook, eat, host and work.

If you adore cooking or baking, a steam oven will help you achieve the best results, and venting hobs will prevent odours from clinging to your soft furnishings - especially important in open-plan kitchen living spaces. Fitting deep drawers and corner units will maximise storage and enable you to work safely and efficiently, without the need to bend or stretch to the furthest reach of the cupboard.

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If you have pets, consider using flat panels and upstands around your worktops, enclosed shelves and scratch resistant surfaces for easy cleaning and to prevent accidents.

Q: What are the top kitchen design trends for 2021?

A: The want for open-plan and multifunctional living spaces continues, especially with more people working from home.

Spending more time indoors, eating at home and doing a big weekly shop has led to more people looking to increase their food storage space and a higher demand for larders, pantries and American fridge freezers.

Wine coolers and taps fitted with boiling, chilled and sparkling water are very popular, as we find our clients want to know how they can use technology to make their life easier and more enjoyable.

2021 has seen patterned flooring, herringbone tiles and textured finishes become key kitchen design trends, and blue, grey and green colour palettes are very in vogue right now.   

Q: How can I recreate a stylish, traditional kitchen look?

Traditional farmhouse kitchen designed by Bower Willis Designs in Shipston on Stour

Create a rural farmhouse kitchen design with a Belfast sink, panelled doors and cup or button handles. - Credit: Bower Willis Designs

A: To create a rural farmhouse feel in your kitchen, use panelled doors and drawers and open-end shelves fitted with wicker or fabric storage baskets. Pick earthy colours like deep blue and moss green to add character and complete the look with a Belfast sink and stoneware accessories. Shaker kitchens work well in traditional properties and can be given a modern twist by using a handleless design instead of traditional button or cup handles.

Q: What kitchen designs will work best for a modern finish?

A: Modern kitchens should appear sleek, minimal and uncluttered. To achieve this, opt for flat panels and handleless cupboards and doors or handle rails. We'll advise you on clever storage solutions to help keep your kitchen clean and organised.

Blue and white contemporary kitchen designed by Bower Willis Designs in Shipston on Stour

How you use your kitchen, for example, to host, entertain, work or eat, will help inform your design. - Credit: Bower Willis Designs

To achieve an airy and open feel to the room, choose pale whites, creams or greys, or opt for dusty pastel shades of mushroom, slate and olive.

Q: Why use a professional kitchen design service?

A: We have a wealth of experience, ideas and solutions to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. We'll take the time to understand your routines and discover what your family needs so that we can design a kitchen to work best for you.

We'll talk you through every step of the process and manage your project so that you can enjoy your kitchen design journey. We specialise in designing and installing innovative kitchens and living spaces, designed to reflect the heart of your family.

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