5 tips for creating your ideal home office

Desk, chair and storage filing cabinets for a home office from BDI Furniture in Lancashire, England.

BDI Furniture offer a range of desks and chairs to suit all your home office needs. - Credit: BDI Furniture

Gone are the days of spending all week in the office, with many of us opting to remain working from home and seeking more permanent solutions to help us build the perfect home office.

Steven Rittey, marketing executive from BDI Furniture shares his top five design tips to help you create a productive and organised remote working space.

1. Create a list of your needs

Before thinking about what furniture you’d like, make a list of all the things you need to store, use and include in your office space. This could include components such as printers, telephones and file storage. If you use various screens, then make sure to choose a desk that has space for your cables and ample room for you to spread your monitors out.

The more you plan and prepare, the easier it will be to ensure you have everything you need.

Starting with the essentials, like a comfortable desk such as the ‘Corridor 6521’ and a matching ergonomic chair from the BDI range, will help you bring the space together. We can offer recommendations to help you design the perfect office.

'Sigma' range of home office furniture from BDI Furniture in Lancashire, England.

Home office furniture from BDI's 'Sigma' range. - Credit: BDI Furniture

2. Select furniture that suits your style of working 

Your home office should promote efficiency and productivity by integrating technology into the furniture design.

Ask yourself, how do I like to work? Maybe you dislike sitting down all day and prefer the flexibility to move around. We offer standing desks such as the ‘Stance 6650’, ‘Sequel 20’ and ‘Centro 6452’ models which are electrically adjustable with position memory, so you can alter the height and sit down when you wish. 

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You can choose from a range of innovatively designed furniture that’s tailored to your tastes whilst fulfilling your practical needs. To help you find only the best home office furniture, BDI offers a range of designed, luxury home office products that stand out for their ease of access, cable management, ventilation and manoeuvrability.

Standing desk in a home office from BDI furniture in Lancashire, England.

BDI Furniture offer both standing and sitting desks to suit your style of working. - Credit: BDI Furniture

3. Invest in quality furniture 

A quality workspace creates a quality work ethic – designing a dedicated home office space is important for creating a happy working environment. To excel and perform to your usual office standard, you need to equip yourself with reliable furniture that is enjoyable to use. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our approach to work, and with remote working becoming the norm, you’re likely to be spending a lot more time in your home office – so it’s worth the investment. Most BDI products come already assembled saving you time, effort and stress. BDI furniture is durable and built to last. 

4. Choose furniture that reflects your style 

You also need to consider what you want your space to look like. Your home office should be somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. People tend to work better when they enjoy the environment that they’re in – so think about your preferred colours, aesthetic and style.

We provide a broad selection of modern and contemporary furniture, and offer a variety of styles across the different ranges, with a choice of colours to ensure you have a cohesive style and theme throughout your interior décor.

Modern home office using BDI Furniture ranges.

A modern, contemporary home office from BDI Furniture ranges. - Credit: BDI Furniture

5. Account for files and supplies 

It’s important to consider your storage requirements to help you keep your desk clear and your office tidy. Perhaps consider having matching mobile filing cabinets from the Cascadia 6207 or Sequel 20 ranges which provide greater flexibility, should you want to move them around to mix things up and change your home office layout. 

For a fully functioning and effective working space, everything needs to have its place to ensure you remain organised. Component systems are an ideal solution for this, allowing you to combine work surfaces, file storage and supply cabinets to customise your office needs. 

We offer an advice service from our experienced team of BDI experts to help you design the perfect office space and organise specialised delivery.  

Visit bdifurniture.co.uk/working to browse our home office furniture ranges. Alternatively please contact our customer services team on 01706 300358.