Bring the outside in: how you can create more light in your home

Metwin prioritise supplying larger panes of glass by Crittall windows to bring maximum light into the home in Harlow, Essex.

Metwin supplies larger panes of Crittall window glass to bring maximum light into the home. - Credit: Metwin

As autumn approaches and the nights draw in, it’s especially important to maximise the daylight to maintain a bright and airy feel within the home. Dan Anderson, director of leading Crittall windows and doors supplier and installer Metwin in Essex, shares how changing your windows can transform your home.

Q: Why is daylight so important within the house?

A: Daylight is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. The vitamin D our bodies absorb from sunlight plays a major role in improving our happiness, and so it’s important to create that feel-good factor within our living space too. 

Daylight suppresses hormones which induce sleep so you feel fresher and more awake, and the ultraviolet rays boost the body’s immune system. As a result, you benefit from improved cognitive function, productivity and healing.

With many of us spending all or some of our time working from home now, it’s more important than ever that we’re getting our daily dose of sunshine and creating a healthier, happier and more productive environment to live in.

Metwin supply Crittall windows with big panes to bring maximum light into the home in Harlow, Essex.

With narrow steel bars, Crittall windows provide a sleek, minimalist design for your home. - Credit: Metwin

Q: I’m struggling to get daylight into my house - what would you suggest?

A: The easiest way to improve the levels of natural light within your home is to increase the size of your windows or to improve your existing ones. 

Crittall windows and doors feature a slimline frame and large window panes to allow for maximum light to enter the home. 

Their steel material is three times stronger than aluminium and is used to create minimalist sightlines. The strength of the metal allows the bars to be narrower and the panes of glass to be bigger, thus increasing the amount of light. 

The windows can be used on exterior walls or as Innervision screens and sliding doors within the home. They can fit a floor-to-ceiling design where they can be integrated into parts of, or entire walls. The windows can feature doors leading to a balcony, patio or garden, creating a seamless transition between outside and in. 

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Crittall windows can also be used internally as partitions, dividing open-plan living spaces into zones, without compromising on light or space. This will help to maintain separate areas between kitchens and dining rooms, or to create a more open-feel in smaller spaces like hallways.

Metwin design Crittall windows to divide open plan spaces and create zones in a modern way in Harlow, Essex.

You can use Crittall Innervision screens and sliding doors to create separate zones in your home, improving natural lighting and dividing open-plan spaces in a contemporary design. - Credit: Metwin

Q: What design options are there for Crittall windows?

A: Due to the bespoke nature of our service, Metwin can provide a wide range of shapes, sizes and colour variations of window designs to suit your individual needs and preferences.

While Crittall windows typically feature black frames, we can adapt them to any colour, whether you want green, blue or perhaps even pink frames. The team can fit them with a sleek, minimalist design for a modern apartment, or in an arched, curved design to suit an older property. The windows can also be single or double-glazed for listed properties, depending on its building regulations.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, Crittall Homelightplus is an enhanced range which offers increased acoustic soundproofing and thermal quality for your home.

The Metwin team are available to discuss your requirements and vision to ensure you get windows tailored to suit your home and taste.

Large, arched pane glass by Crittall windows supplied by Metwin, leading window supplier in Harlow, Essex.

Metwin can create bespoke designs of Crittall windows in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit your personal needs. - Credit: Metwin

Q: How long do Crittall windows last?

A: As Metwin is a Crittall Specialist Partner, customers can be assured to receive genuine high-quality windows, doors and screens, as well as an exceptional service from the initial enquiry through to the final installation. The windows can last you over 60 years, and we offer a 10-year guarantee too.

Q: What properties are Crittall windows suited to?

The company provides products for new, modern developments as well as redevelopments of older, listed properties. The breadth of experience across the team means we can fit custom windows to any form of property or building.

We offer free quotations with no obligation and there are various payment options available.

For more information on the Crittall products Metwin has on offer, visit or To arrange a free quotation, visit For further enquiries, contact or 0208 523 2081.