Interiors advice - choose warm and glamorous colours this winter

Rich, dark and handsome colours for Autumn/Winter 2014

Rich, dark and handsome colours for Autumn/Winter 2014 - Credit: Archant

Stunning new interiors collections are launched for autumn and winter. Justine Kirkham takes a look

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a statement this season is to incorporate a pop of jewel toned colour into your home. Amethyst, ruby, sapphire, topaz and turquoise are everywhere, especially in a patterned variety. Alternatively add a touch of warmth and glamour with copper; one of this season’s leading metallics, making any room shine with its lustrous tones.

Start with a focal point, like a feature wall or an armchair, and work around it. Pick your favourite gemstone colour and balance it with soft greys or neutrals to modernise interiors. Contrast the bold and soft colours between fabrics and walls to ensure a perfect blend.

My personal favourites are sapphire and indigo - beautiful shades that work perfectly in a variety of rooms. There’s a sense of calmness and serenity with deep, ocean-like indigo.

Purple is proving another popular choice. Some are brave, drenching a room in a vibrant shade for an exotic feel while others play it safe with a softer lilac hue. Both colours go beautifully with opulent soft furnishings. Combining purple with smoky grey or sage green is stunning.

Don’t be afraid to mix gem colours with strong patterns. New digitally-printed velvets add charm and understated glamour to any home. I love the fabulous collections from Linwood and James Brindley (naturally!), and Zoffany also has a wonderful new wallpaper range inspired by Indian Mughal paintings.

Fabrics are heavier this season, so embrace luxurious velvet, earthy suede and textured corduroy. Used sparingly to add texture and depth, they are sophisticated yet durable and can hold the rich, dark color schemes of winter.

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Justine Kirkham is head of design at James Brindley, Harrogate

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