How Kahrs Flooring can transform your home

Kahrs solid wood flooring and kitchen interior design

'Antique-style flooring is in style and will add charm to your kitchen.' - Credit: Kahrs Flooring / Stories Flooring

Top flooring trends that will transform your home and help you create the ideal space to spend time with your family.  

Gareth Murchie, manager at Stories Flooring in Leeds explains how to find the perfect flooring and start a new chapter in your home’s story.

Q: Why should I update my flooring? 

A: It's a great way to update your decor, breathe fresh life into your home, and transform the space. Switch from a dark to a light flooring to brighten up the room and make the space appear larger. A new floor can add value to your property, make it easier to maintain and clean and help you create a home you love and can relax in. 

Oak engineered wood flooring in loft conversion living room

'Kahrs Estoril Oak engineered wood flooring is constructed using eco-friendly technology.' - Credit: Charlie Bennet LLC

Q: What are some key flooring trends for 2021?

A: Parquet flooring is a popular choice – it’s great for making an impact and adding a personal touch to your room.

Grey and charcoal tones are on-trend and go with practically anything. Use grey flooring in your bedroom to create a tranquil and relaxing space. Kahrs Classic Nouveau Charcoal engineered wooden flooring adds a dramatic flair and will go well with white walls for a timeless, classic look.

For your kitchen, think vintage. Antique-style flooring adds character and charm to your home. Use the Soil Oak from our Kahrs Original Harmony collection to help you recreate this look.

Autumnal shades will add warmth and make your home feel cosy. Kahrs Spirit Unity Orchard Walnut flooring is perfect for achieving this effect.

Q: How can I find the best flooring for my home?

A: Consider where you’ll be fitting your new flooring, how many people live in the house, and the lifestyle you lead.

I recommend exploring the Kahrs Flooring collection for inspiration. Kahrs is a leading flooring brand, with a history dating back over 150 years. It is responsible for the first multi-layered board construction, alongside its patented glue-less wood locking joint.

Kahrs construct their floors using eco-friendly technology and they are stylish, long-lasting and sustainable. Their diverse range of luxury wood and vinyl floor options offer plenty of choices to suit any budget and style of home.

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The artisan wooden floors are beautifully marked with distinctive knots and cracks for a natural finish. The engineered wood flooring is well-insulated to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Kahrs vinyl flooring is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and durable, making it ideal to use in your kitchen and bathroom.

As a Kahrs Platinum retailer, our in-store team has received specialist Kahrs training and can offer you the best advice on any of its products. We are the only supplier to achieve this status in the Leeds area. We offer over 90 product samples for you to try at home before buying and next-day delivery on many of Kahrs’ flooring.

When you buy from a Platinum retailer, you have the reassurance that you are dealing with an official supplier and will receive the very best service and quality products.

Chair on oak wooden floor

'Kahrs' artisan wooden floors are beautifully marked with distinctive knots and cracks for a natural finish.' - Credit: Kahrs Flooring / Stories Flooring

Q: Can I fit my new flooring myself?

A: Our products are DIY-friendly and easy to install – you can fit them yourself. YouTube has a wealth of information for floor-fitting novices, and we’re here to answer any questions.

Q: Why choose Stories Flooring?

A: We’re passionate about beautiful flooring and providing our customers with the very best craftsmanship, materials and service. Which? has named us one of the UK’s favourite online flooring stores and previous customers rated us 4.8 on Trustpilot.

Previously known as Lifestyle Flooring UK, we rebranded Stories Flooring in November 2020. We have over 25 years’ experience in the flooring sector and can recommend the best flooring for your space and budget.

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