How to choose beautiful window treatments for your home

Patterned curtains and cushions made by Just Fabrics

Just Fabrics in the Cotswolds specialise in bespoke curtains and blinds, with a huge range of designer fabrics to choose from - Credit: Just Fabrics

Cotswolds-based independent retailer Just Fabrics offer some handy advice for dressing your windows in style.

The window treatments you choose can make or break an interior design scheme – and there’s plenty to consider, from finding the perfect fabric and lining to getting the measurements just right.    

Ellie Read, home consultant at Just Fabrics in the Cotswolds, shares her expertise on buying curtains and blinds that will enhance your home. 

Q: How do I know if curtains or blinds will work best?    

A: The window treatment you choose will largely depend on the room and what it’s used for. Curtains are great for adding warmth and visual interest to living rooms and bedrooms, whereas blinds work well in kitchens and bathrooms as they are more practical and out of the way. The size and design of the window will also determine which treatment is best. For example, blinds don’t often work with very large or unusually shaped windows.  

Q: What lining should I choose?  

A: The type of lining is an important decision as it makes an impact on the overall look and function of your curtains or blinds. If you are looking to block out light in a bedroom, blackout lining is the best choice. For spaces where you want warmth, thermal lining or interlining can add insulation. Using sheer or voile curtains will let plenty of natural light through while still providing privacy. For a bathroom we suggest water-resistant roller blinds.

Q: What fabrics are best for curtains?  

Bold print fabrics with tropical designs from Just Fabrics in the Cotswolds

Made to measure curtains can be customised to suit your individual style and are designed to fit the window measurements perfectly - Credit: Just Fabrics

A: If you are looking to create a cosy, welcoming feel in a room, using wool, woven fabric and velvet are great choices as they will create fuller-looking curtains. Cotton is ideal for a fresh, contemporary feel, whereas linen has a more relaxed look with a graceful drape. We recommend ordering samples before making a purchase to give you a better idea of the texture and colour of the fabric. 

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Q: What are the benefits of made to measure window treatments?  

A: Not only are made to measure curtains and blinds designed to suit your personal taste, but they will fit perfectly to the exact window measurements. Unlike ready-made options, you can choose from a wide range of designs and your custom window treatments will be completely unique to you – you won’t find them in anyone else’s home.  

Q: What curtains and blinds are in style right now? 

Patterned made to measure blinds, curtains and cushions from Just Fabrics in the Cotswolds

Mixing a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics can create an attractive, eclectic look - Credit: Just Fabrics

A: Linen curtains are extremely popular at the moment as people seem to be favouring the relaxed look rather than formal. Statement velvet curtains with tropical designs and jewel colours are also a favourite choice, as are our range of eco-friendly fabrics. We have an expansive range of fabrics that have been made using recycled materials or sustainably produced, including our JF recycled linen that comes in over 20 colours, bold jacquards and cotton designs including stripes, spots and plain. 

Q: What else do I need to consider when choosing window dressings?  

A: For curtains, you’ll need to decide what type of heading you would like, as each type will create a different look for your interior. The length of curtains is also important – we recommend full-length curtains to get a fuller and more impactful look. Make sure you buy high-quality tracks and poles too, as this will enhance the dressing.

When creating a décor scheme for a room, we recommend mixing a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics rather than a matching look.

Q: What’s the best way to hang curtains and blinds?  

A: If you’ve chosen a pencil pleat or pinch pleat heading, hang your curtains below the pole or track so that they glide smoothly and hang off the floor by 0.5cm. For eyelet curtains, or a wave style, hang off the floor by 1cm. If you want to create a puddling effect on the floor, bear in mind that this look is more achievable with lightweight fabrics like linens and voiles.  

When it comes to Roman blinds, think about whether you would like them inside or outside the recess, and be mindful that having them inside the recess will block out more light. 

Q: Where is the best place to buy curtains and blinds? 

Green full length curtains and soft furnishings from Just Fabrics in the Cotswolds

Just Fabrics have a wide range of fabrics to suit all interiors, from bold patterns to plain styles - Credit: Just Fabrics

A: At Just Fabrics, we have thousands of fabrics for you to choose from, including florals, velvets, linens and stripes, as well as a wide range of high-quality tracks and poles to complete your window dressing.  

Our made to measure curtains and blinds are finished to the highest standard and come with a three-year quality guarantee. We provide home consultations in the Cotswolds or a free virtual consultation via video call, using our expertise to offer guidance at every step of the process, from initial measurements to putting a décor scheme together and fitting your window treatments.

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