Making the most of old jam jars

Jam Jar Lanterns/Posy Jars

Jam Jar Lanterns/Posy Jars - Credit: Archant

This month, Cherry Menlove, the lifestyle blogger and founder of an eponymous homeware shop, gives instructions for making the best of your old jam jars

What you will need

• Clean glass food jars or Mason Jars

• Washi tape or Cath Kidston tape

• Scissors

• Crafting wire

• Wire cutters

Most Read

• Raffia



1 Start with a clean, dry glass jar that has a flat surface. Remove all label or glue residues, otherwise the Washi tape will have lumps in it and will not stick well.

2 Stick the Washi tape around the outside of the jars. Follow the same line so that the tape meets up in the middle. I chose to have three stripes of Washi tape as I was using larger jars, but choose a design that you like that suits you. You can stick it around the circumference of the jar or even make vertical stripes.

3 Wrap the crafting wire around the neck of the jar once and secure it in the middle. Next, make a wire handle loop by tying a piece of crafting wire to the wire already attached to the neck of the jar.

4 Tie a length of raffia around the neck of the jar. This covers up the wire and adds a nice decorative touch.

5 Use tealights to light the lanterns.

6 When you are not using the jars as lanterns, fill them with fresh water and some cut flowers from the garden. I often hang mine from the top of my kitchen cabinets as I like to have a lot of flowers in the house.


Cherry Menlove, Modern English, Country Living™;

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