Why you should be investing in a mattress made using natural materials


Naturalmat - Credit: Archant

We speak to Mark Tremlett from Naturalmat about the benefits of investing in a sustainable mattress made from natural fibres

Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat

Mark Tremlett, co-founder of Naturalmat - Credit: Archant

Did you know Brits spend the least amount of money on their mattresses and hang on to them for the longest? We chat to Mark Tremlett from Naturalmat - a Devon company that produces sustainable mattresses made from organic natural materials.

Who are Naturalmat?

Naturalmat is the brainchild of Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall from Devon who worked in the marine industry and are both keen sailors.

Mark says, 'People were buying boats with poor quality mattresses and that's where the idea came from.

'A year later my wife became pregnant so we started looking at baby mattresses. 'Again, everything was made using polyurethane foam covered in plastic covers; it's not what we wanted for our baby.'

Mark set out researching materials to make a good mattress with natural fibres and Naturalmat was born.

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'We became a nursery business before we stumbled into the hotel business. There was an interesting market in hotels because they're trying to be greener and more sustainable and that's what we did. It quite quickly became a reasonable chunk of our business.

'Once we started making adult mattresses we thought we might as well make them for the high street and that's how we ended up doing retail. That's where we are today.'

Materials for a Naturalmat mattress

Materials for a Naturalmat mattress - Credit: Archant

What is a Naturalmat mattress made from?

'We make two different types of mattresses for the adult market. Our signature product is a range of mattresses that don't have springs.

'We buy coir from certified organic coconut plantations in Sri Lanka. It converts into a soft and fibrous pad that acts as a natural spring. It gives lots of ventilation and allows air to circulate.

'We also use organic lambswool from Devon. We've developed relationships with farmers within a 50 mile radius of our factory and we buy direct from them. About 95% of everything we do comes from our own factory in Devon. Naturalmat uses old fashioned joining techniques and our mattresses will last 25-50 years.'

What are the benefits of using natural fibres?

'We believe if it's natural it will have health benefits and there won't be anything harmful in it. Natural fibres are inherently self-ventilated, breathable and avoid all of the perennial problems you might expect on a boat such as damp, condensation and humidity' says Mark. 'We know babies are very temperature sensitive and they can't regulate their own temperature. Natural fibres can help them regulate their temperature and provide comfort when sleeping.'

The Naturalmat Showroom in London

The Naturalmat Showroom in London - Credit: Archant

How does Naturalmat work with the UK's strict fire regulations?

'We succeeded in getting certification through British standards - the first mattresses to receive approval whilst made entirely with natural fibres. No synthetics, glues or chemical fire retardants. Our mattresses are 100% natural.

'Wool is a natural fire retardant and the combination of wool and the type of cover that we use - a pure undyed herringbone cotton - provided enough of a barrier.'

Can you try a Naturalmat mattress before you buy one?

'Once we started making mattresses we realised that people wanted to try the mattress before they bought one. When people try a mattress they can feel like they're in a gold fish bowl. Most retailers have the beds lined-up under bright white lights. It's not a comfortable experience and the natural reaction is to get on a bed and then hop straight off it again.

'It was important to us that we had somewhere where people could come along and visit. Two years ago we set up our showroom in London where you can visit our Sleep Zone. It has subdued lighting, and a soundtrack of birds and a river in Devon to make people feel relaxed and at ease when they're trying the bed. Each bed has its own pod, so you've got a certain degree of privacy for every single mattress and we've got six different types of mattress to try.'

What's on the horizon for Naturalmat?

'We've got a new range of good quality but reasonably priced bed linen launching sometime this year which is very exciting. You can have the whole thing from Naturalmat - you can make everything you're sleeping on a natural and organic environment.'

Visit Naturalmat online: https://www.naturalmat.co.uk/

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