New online homewares brand set to launch has arrived! A brand new online luxury home wares company delivering top end quality and rare beauty at unexpectedly affordable prices.

Lizard Orchid is set to unveil their wonderfully expansive and alluring collections from sumptuous bedding and table linen to gorgeous ceramics and tableware, decorative accessories, romantic glassware, heavenly fragrances and a myriad of undeniably dreamy home accessories where even just one exquisite object can transform your home and moreover, make you stand out from the crowd.

Mesmerising palettes, luscious fabrics and heirloom quality form the brand’s signature style, offering simply beautiful creations that stand the test of time. With an obsessive desire to unearth objects of sheer perfection, Lizard Orchid scours the globe spending time getting to know their skilled artisans and forming deep relationships with their suppliers to give you a brand you can ultimately trust and freely adore.

Be among the first to catch a glimpse of some of the highlights of the launch collections…



Blue Palette - Lizard Orchid Bedding: Blue Stripe Duvet (king) £169; Blue Flat Sheet (King) £119; Blue Fitted Sheet (King) £119; Blue Housewife Pillowcase £35; Blue Oxford Pillowcase £29; Velvet Little Square Quilt (King) £269; Velvet Little Square Sham £49; Capitini Quilt (King) £349.

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Brown Palette - Lizard Orchid Bedding: King Brown Flat Sheet £119; King Brown Fitted Sheet £119; Brown Housewife Pillowcase £29; Fur Cushion Koala £129; Fur Throw Koala £299; Fur Cushion Timber Wolf £129; Fur Throw Timber Wolf £299; Overlocked Duvet £85; Overlocked Housewife Pillowcase £19; Overlocked Oxford Pillowcase £25; Quilt Cotton Satin Sham £49; Cushion Metallic Strips £69; King Climbing Vine Throw £169; Aparna Brown Cushion Cover £69



Mira tumbler £7; Mira bowl £9; Mira plate £12

It’s nice, on a special occasion, to get the best china out. But it’s nice too, when the best china is tough and durable enough to be used with a certain degree of joyful promiscuity.

Lizard Orchid’s exclusive range of informal dining ware, Mira, is made in Portugal, from extremely high-quality kaolin clay. Cleverly designed so that its shapes are distinctive and modern, but also sturdy and resilient, it’s also fired for pretty much a whole day to make it ultra-hard, and lavishly glazed to protect the subtle, complex colours from the privations of the dishwasher. But don’t think about the dishwasher.



Malachite tea Light holder - £29.00

Malachite is a tea light holder with a difference. With quite a number of differences, actually. Its rich, forest green colour was dyed into the raw sand that was used to make the glass, following a long tradition in the town of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Its ripe, gourd-like shape was created by hand and by mouth, blown by skilled artisans. Its cloudy, matt surface is lovely in itself but also serves to highlight the shine of the glass revealed by the hand-incised patterns. And all of this, together, lit by a flame from within, creates a twinkling little globe of enchantment. Tea lights like this one are available in three shapes, each shape with its own hand-cut design, each in a different jewel-like colour. They really do look like they are made not from glass, but from semi-precious minerals. (Though, obviously, being a bit of a grand fantasist does help on this matter too.) And it doesn’t stop there. Lizard Orchid is so taken with this stylish, distinctive glassware, so full of warmth, character and substance, that it has commissioned a range of vases and bowls as well, all made using this process, and each, therefore, unique.



Tea set cane handle - Assam Silver Tea Set £225 | Assam Silver Tray £179

The cool sophistication of silver contrasts with the warmth of cane to create a contemporary take on an heirloom collection. Obviously, these things look good. But the real genius of the design isn’t fully appreciated until this set is in use. It’s all perfectly balanced, for a comfortable, insulated grip and perfect pouring – absolutely no drips and dribbles. Plus, the cane handles are easily removed, for cleaning. Give the tea in your life the ceremony it deserves.


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