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Lanassir, August, NFK

Lanassir, August, NFK - Credit: Archant

I always find it interesting the first time I visit a new client’s home and we talk about the items that they would like to keep in a specific room that they are considering revamping and what they would like to change.

The best advice is to only keep pieces that you like, as they will feel natural within a scheme and be pleasurable to look at. It can be difficult to place pieces that have been passed down through the family as they may not be to your taste or suit the style of your home.

Artwork is often mentioned, and if it isn’t I tend to bring the subject up because artwork can really bring a room together and give it an identity. Often clients will have purchased paintings but not hung them as they want to wait until a room is complete; others may have an artist in mind but need advice as to which painting to choose to suit the size and shape of the space.

The starting point of many of my room schemes is influenced by artwork that my client would like to feature. Recently a client showed me paintings that she had commissioned an art student to paint for her in the colours that she had in mind for her lounge and dining room. It was then my job to select suitable furnishings and accessories to complement the art. With unframed pieces such as this I find that placing them on a textured wall covering acts as a mount and give a luxurious finish.

My partner and I are now into the decorative stage of our own home that we have completely reconfigured and refurbished over the past 18 months. At last we are now at the point of placing artwork in each room; I have designed the room schemes specifically to take particular paintings. Areas have been carefully planned to house sculptures, with textured wall coverings selected as backdrops and lighting positioned to highlight each piece either from behind or directly lit with traditional picture lights or angled spot lights (depending on the style and position as to which type of lighting has been selected).

In our television room, the walls are papered in a vibrant purple, faux silk wall covering. The depth of colour blends the black TV into the wall while making a feature of the bright painting by Great Yarmouth artist John Kiki. To keep a cinema ambiance, a halo of light from behind the picture casts a soft glow across the wall.

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