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Christmas decorations/interiors

Christmas decorations/interiors - Credit: Archant

With Christmas fast approaching I have been busy redecorating clients homes ready for visits from friends and family. Some have had a complete room refurbishment while others have just had new curtains and cushions to freshen up the look, but the same question keeps popping up: “How should we dress our homes for Christmas to look festive but stylish?”

Christmas decorations/interiors

Christmas decorations/interiors - Credit: Archant

If space allows for you to have a Christmas tree this will create a focal point within the room.

If the main room in your home already has an impressive focal point, such as a large fireplace, it might be worth considering locating the tree in another room. For those lucky enough to have a large entrance hall this would be my perfect place. What a fabulous sight to welcome guests.

Although a real Christmas tree is green, artificial trees come in a whole array of colours, but many of us will still have a green one.

Green and red are very much the traditional colours of Christmas and being complementary colours (opposite each other on the colour wheel) they always look good together and are a safe option for an elegant display.

Green is so versatile and looks good with many other colours, so don’t feel limited to red.

When we think about how beautiful different colours of flowers look against their green foliage it can be transferred into a colour scheme for your tree. In nature, green becomes a neutral backdrop just as it is with a Christmas tree.

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Green varies from blue green – that is cool and calming but can be warmed up with an accent of burnt orange – to yellow green – that is fresh and energising and can almost stand alone.

Personally I like to use no more than three colours for the decorations as this looks colourful without being too busy.

Vibrant colours of pink, red and orange are often thought of as clashing, but when they are equal in depth of colour they can look striking and will feature on my tree in the form of simple baubles along with white LED tree lights that give a warm glow and highlight the colours beautifully.

Most importantly as with anything you do, choose what you love, what reflects your personality and suits your home. You never know, your chosen colour scheme may even inspire you to redecorate your home in the New Year!

A bit of sparkle

Fill large Kilner jars with shiny baubles and battery-operated fairy lights, then place the jar inside a lantern to create a simple but effective safer alternative to candles to create a festive ambiance.

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