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Jessica Wilcock discovers how traditional elegance is making a comeback with regal styles at the fore...

It is all very timely; regal, royal, elegant, whatever adjective you care to use traditional styles are coming into their own once again; right on cue with the media bursting with every kind of ‘royal’ theme.

Whilst luxurious statement furniture never really went away, it is becoming increasingly popular again with designs that transcend time and draw on inspiration from the past.  There are, however more modern takes on the traditional that hold on to the magnificence of heirlooms, but with hues of up to date modern glamour using plush fabrics such as brushed or crushed velvet in modern colour tones like silver, grey and purple.

Sofa Design has a huge range of such pieces and taking a walk through their showroom is more like entering an extravagant palace than a furniture store. The eclectic mix of exquisite and intriguing furniture pieces in different colours and textures, instantly strikes the eye with seductive and curvaceous designs and sumptuous details. The styling is traditional but given a contemporary twist and a touch of glamour with the use of luscious fabrics and exquisite detail.

Leather, suede and velvet are all firm favourites, but it is colour that is key; they say ‘our styles are classical, but with a modern twist, we do this using fabric; purple is popular, that’s quite regal and an opulent colour. Black always works well on classical or traditional pieces too. You can give anything a modern twist by adding silver studs or crystals.’ A range of furniture pieces by Designers Guild using fabrics replicating pieces from Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle add to their designs for those seeking out a classic, regal look.


Bold and beautiful

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Jo Bristow of Tides Home and Garden believes that seating and is one of the most important elements in furnishing your living room. She claims that modern takes on traditional furniture are becoming hugely fashionable. She says, ‘traditional styles in bright colours are what people are looking for. There’s a lot of new stuff coming up in bright, bold colours such as oak framed sofas in purples and pinks. Traditional styles in bright colours are really on trend as is buttoned furniture, think of updates on the old Chesterfields; people are definitely buying statement pieces.’ Jo has seen the current demand for modern versions of traditional design growing and has noticed that people are customising traditional furniture by adding modern bold fabrics and details. Oversized arm chairs are also in big demand and are becoming the centre piece of the room along with ‘throne’ style chairs and high backed buttoned variations. Investing in a statement piece is a great way to express the unique personality of your home.

Make it work

To make the most of an exquisite chair or sofa and give it real presence, use neutrals on walls and floors.  Furniture can then be as bold as you want it to be without detracting from the look and making the room look fussy. Depending on your choice, the look can have a very spontaneous appeal to it.

You may be lucky enough to have an old heirloom chair or sofa, if so you are way ahead of the game.  Antique pieces such as Victorian sofas and fainting couches can add timeless regal glamour to your living room, especially when brought up to date with fabulous fabric.  Most good sofa and interior designers offer a recovering service so check out your garage for a bit of bygone nostalgia you may have forgotten about.

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