Bathroom design ideas to make your small bathroom look stunning

Geberit Acanto collection from Bathroom Design Studio in Harrogate

Explore the Geberit Acanto collection and AquaClean Tuma shower toilet range to design a beautiful small bathroom space. - Credit: Geberit

Good things come in small packages, and that’s no different when talking about bathroom design.

Just because your bathroom is little doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on layout, style or finish. Jane Ive, director, owner and designer at Bathroom Design Studio in Harrogate shares some insider tips to help you make your small bathroom look beautiful.

Q: Why is planning key to designing a stylish, functional and flawless small bathroom?

Geberit Acanto concealed bathroom furniture from Bathroom Design Studio in Harrogate.

Concealed, off-the floor furniture from Geberit's Acanto series, will keep your bathroom looking clear, tidy and fresh. - Credit: Geberit

A: It’s the only way you’ll be able to get the most from your available space. Careful planning can help you spot ways to save on time and money. You need to consider where your plumbing will go, how you can disguise it to make the room appear larger, and where your fittings will go to ensure you can easily move around. I also recommend deciding on a colour scheme for the room to help you choose your bathroom products, tiles and create a harmonious, cohesive design.

Q: What’s the first decision I should make when starting my bathroom renovation?

A: Start by deciding where you’re going to place your toilet. It can be a tricky bit of furniture as it has the largest pipes. Once you understand where the toilet can go, the rest will follow. You can decide if you want a shower and bath, or just one, then fit your basin and radiator.

I have over 20 years' experience designing bathrooms and can help you plan out every area of the room to ensure you create a space you love, that suits your needs.

Q: What’s a common misconception about small bathrooms?

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A: Something I hear a lot from people that have a small bathroom, is that they will need to find a small bath to fit in it. The problem with that is, you may end up with a bath, that you can’t relax in as it’s too short.

There are many problem-solving products out there that people aren’t aware of, that are perfect for small bathrooms. Using my extensive product knowledge, I can advise what fittings will work best in your space, helping to avoid any problems when your bathroom is fitted and before you spend any money.

It’s best to visit a showroom to test products for yourself and find high-quality fittings from manufacturers like Geberit, that will last for many years to come.

The Geberit iCon series from Bathroom Design Studio in Harrogate is ideal for small bathrooms

The Geberit iCon series delivers stylish, versatile, compact, off-the-floor furniture that’s ideal for small bathrooms. - Credit: Geberit

Q: What Geberit products do you recommend for a small bathroom?

A: I advise exploring the Geberit iCon series for stylish, versatile, compact, off-the-floor furniture that’s ideal for small bathrooms and will make your space appear larger. Choose concealed bathroom fittings that hide the systems and pipes, like the Sigma concealed cistern. 

This will keep your bathroom looking clear, minimal and fresh. Geberit offers a range of behind the wall toilet systems, to suit any budget. The iCon toilet is my go-to recommendation for customers. It’s simple, sleek and offers everything you need.

Q: What’s hot in bathroom design for 2021?

A: Red-gold and bronze finishes and flush plates are very popular right now. Confidence is key to on-trend bathroom design, as people are becoming increasingly daring with their use of colour.

We’re noticing people moving away from neutral and traditional bathroom designs, opting instead for pastel and bright shades. Explore Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz to get inspired. You can share your images and research with me, to translate them into a design that you’ll adore.

Geberit rose-gold bathroom finishes and flush plates from Bathroom Design Studio in Harrogate.

Finishes like Geberit's Sigma21 concrete effect and red gold, are very popular right now. - Credit: Geberit

Q: How can you help me design a flawless bathroom, that’s great for all my family to use?

A: When renovating a bathroom there are so many little decisions that you need to get right, that it can feel overwhelming. I can make the planning and designing process simple and enjoyable.

I’ll spend time getting to know you and your routine, so I can make bespoke product recommendations, advise how to make your plumbing look gorgeous and keep your project on time and within budget.

After you’ve chosen your desired furniture, finishes and colours, I’ll compile several bathroom designs and layouts for you to view, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.

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