Installing new windows? Here’s what you need to know

Crittall window installation of interior Innervision screens by Metwin in Essex.

Crittall windows can be used as Innervision screens to divide open-plan spaces in the interior of your home. - Credit: Metwin

New windows are always a worthwhile investment, so you want to make sure you’re doing it right. Dan Anderson, director of leading Crittall windows and doors supplier and installer Metwin in Essex, shares his advice on what you should think about before making a decision.

Check your building regulations

Different buildings will have different rules regarding the size, design and placement of your window installation. Using a reputable company like Metwin will ensure the process runs smoothly, abiding by the regulations applicable to your property and ultimately avoiding legal complications following the installation. 

“Steel windows are timeless,” Dan explains, “this enables them to be versatile in their design - they are commonly used in conservation of listed buildings or to add a sleek, minimalist look to contemporary homes.” 

The Metwin team are highly experienced installers of Crittall windows from period properties to newly built apartments and houses.

Large floor-to-ceiling frame of Crittall windows by Metwin in Essex.

The slimline profile of Crittall windows allow for maximum daylight to brighten your space. - Credit: Metwin

You can create a bespoke design

You should choose windows that are in keeping with your home décor, and make sure the design matches the style of your house and other windows. “I’d recommend choosing a supplier who is versatile and can tailor products to your requirements,” Dan suggests. 

Metwin can create bespoke designs of authentic Crittall windows to fulfil your needs for the home. “Our team offer a variety of styles, sizes, insulations and performances to choose from, so your windows can be truly personalised to you,” he says. Round portal, angular and floor-to-ceiling designs are just a few of the shape options that Metwin have available. 

You could also consider using your windows as partitions or doors within the home, too. “We’ve done lots of work on residential properties, where clients have wanted to divide their open-plan living space into zones, separating the kitchen from the living or dining room, for example,” Dan reveals.

Slimline steel Crittall windows bring light in and remain sturdy and secure by Metwin in Essex.

Metwin suggest hiring an experienced company to install your windows to check your building regulations and ensure the process runs smoothly to the final installation. - Credit: Metwin

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Think about lighting in your home

We all feel better for getting outside into the sunshine, but even when you’re inside, it’s important to utilise the daylight and keep your home light and airy. 

Steel windows are the best for bringing in light, with their slimline profiles allowing for larger panes of glass. 

There are various ways you can incorporate windows into the design of your home to increase the amount of light. “Integrating windows into the interior, as well as exterior, design of the home utilises the natural light and diminishes dark shadows or corners of the house. 

“By using Crittall windows as doors to the garden, patio or balcony, you’d be welcoming light into the home rather than blocking it,” Dan says, “and you can even replace entire walls with interior Innervision screens, flooding light all through the house, all-day long, regardless of where the sun rises and sets,” he adds.

Crittall window Innervision interior screen to separate living space in the home by Metwin in Essex.

Metwin provide a bespoke service allowing you to decide on the shape, size and colour of your windows. - Credit: Metwin

Make sure you’re getting genuine, high-quality windows

Authenticity is crucial when buying windows for your home, and using replicas of branded windows can result in them gathering rust, requiring far more work long-term. Crittall products require minimal maintenance due to galvanising and powder coat options that are now available. 

“You want to prioritise the security of your windows,” Dan explains. “Crittall steel products have an attractive, minimalist aesthetic while the material has a strength three times stronger than aluminium, permitting the use of large expanses of glass and added security.”

Crittall window installation of porch in a home by Metwin in Essex

Make sure you use a reputable window supplier that sell genuine products to ensure you're installing high-quality windows that will last. - Credit: Metwin

Many companies claim to provide the genuine product, but don’t. So, make sure you’re using an authentic supplier and installing the brand that you ordered. Trademarks are the most obvious detector to distinguish between a replica and a genuine. Be wary of companies selling a ‘style’ or ‘type’ of branded window. 

Metwin is a long-established, well-respected window supplier that only sell genuine Crittall products – which are British heritage, British quality and British made.

For more information on the Crittall products Metwin has on offer, visit or To arrange a free quotation, visit For further enquiries, contact or 0208 523 2081.