How to improve your home office and increase your productivity with the right window

Crittall full pane window installed in a London home by Metwin steel window specialists

A Crittall full pane window creates a seamless transition between the interior and garden and allows natural daylight to flood the room in this London residential property. - Credit: Metwin

How can you make your home office a productive, relaxing space?

Director Dan Anderson from Harlow-based Metwin - a steel window specialist and Crittall Partner - reveals the importance of introducing more natural light into your home working space and how a Crittall window can help.

Q: Dan, why is it important for people to think about their home’s window design?

A: We need the right windows to light our homes, make rooms functional, protect our houses against intrusion, and deflect noise from the outside street. Windows are an essential part of our homes and now with so many people working remotely, a well-lit study or home office is vital to work effectively.

Dan Anderson, director of Metwin in Harlow, a steel window specialist

Director Dan Anderson of Harlow-based Metwin, a steel window specialist and proud Crittall Partner. - Credit: Metwin

The right windows can help you design a stylish and productive home working space and maintain good health and wellbeing.

Q: Why is natural light important in a house?

Daylight suppresses the hormone that induces sleep, and the UV waves in natural light have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. Letting more light into your home can improve your cognitive function, productivity, and mood.

Q: How can I make my home workspace better?

Full pane Crittall window fitted at a modern Essex residential home

The slender, strong steel frames allow a greater expanse of glass to be fitted and more natural daylight to enter your home. - Credit: Metwin

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When working at home, having an unobstructed view of your garden or surrounding landscape, can inspire creativity, offer a break from work and help you stay focused. Set your desk up by a window for maximum light exposure and to take advantage of the view. Fit blinds or curtains to ensure you can shield your screen against glare.

Installing wall-to-floor or full-wall windows will make a room appear larger, allow ample daylight in, and create a seamless transition between your home and garden. Steel window frames are ideal as they are strong and elegantly slender, which increases the expanse of glass and allows more light to enter your home and workspace. 

Q: What are the best windows to buy?

A: No two homes are the same. You should consider the size, positioning, frame and glazing to find the best window for your house, flat or apartment.

We install custom-sized Crittall windows to fit any space, and you can choose from a range of colours and styles. Crittall windows are beautiful, handcrafted, stylish and of exceptional quality.

Reinforced safety glazing will help protect your windows against damage and thick double glazing will provide excellent thermal insulation and effective noise reduction – helping you to stay warm and remain undisturbed when working at home. Established nearly 180 years ago, Crittall lead the way in the steel window industry for quality, performance and longevity.

Essex residential property recently fitted with Crittall steel windows

Metwin offers a 10-year warranty on all Crittall products and have access to Crittall’s technical advisory service to provide the ideal solution for a home project. - Credit: Metwin

Horizontal bar windows will make a dramatic statement, ideal for a vintage or art deco style finish. Georgian small-pane windows work well in period and traditional properties. For new-builds and modern, open-plan living areas, I recommend using full pane windows. 

Crittall windows are used throughout historic buildings and residential properties across the world and are ideal for preserving the look of traditional buildings and enhancing the appearance of modern homes.

Q: Why use a Crittall Specialist Partner to fit your new windows?

Crittall windows are handcrafted in the Essex factory and custom-sized for your home

Crittall windows are handcrafted and custom-sized to fit any space in your home, flat or apartment. - Credit: Metwin

A: All Crittall Specialist Partners are Crittall-appointed for their dedication, experience and specialist knowledge of their products. Our fully trained Crittall team will be on hand to offer guidance to help you find the best windows for your home.

We offer a 10-year warranty covering all Crittall products and have access to Crittall’s technical advisory service to provide the ideal solution for a home project. We can assist with Building Regulation Control and Planning Regulation to make installing your new windows simple and stress-free.

After installation, we’ll supply a Certificate of Authenticity, identifying your windows as a genuine Crittall product.

Q: How can people find out more about your services?

A: Explore our range of products and previous projects for inspiration. Contact a member of our team for help with your window installation.

We can answer your questions, assist with plans and drawings for your new windows and book a consultation to discuss your project in more detail. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and would love to hear how we can assist you with finding the perfect windows and lighting up your life.

Metwin is a leading distributor, manufacturer and installer of steel windows, doors and light steel fabrications in the UK, and a proud Crittall Specialist Partner.

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