Why you should consider a modern flat roof extension for your home

Kent company Fineline's flat roof extension, creating extra space for the family and allowing more light into the home.

Create additional space in the home for your family to enjoy. - Credit: SevernsJones

We’re spending more time in our home with our families than ever before, and many of us are feeling the need for extra living space. Steve Rawding, sales marketing director for Fineline, a home improvement company in Kent, tells us how flat roof extensions can expand your home in an appealing and practical way.

Q: Increasing space in the home has become even more desirable – what options do homeowners have? 

There are various options available for homeowners looking to create additional space within the home – single storey extensions, conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms and flat roof extensions are all something to consider. 

Housing prices have skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, so while moving house is another option to create more space, it is far more cost-effective to have an extension installed. This also adds a return value to the property you already own, as long as it’s done properly - which is why it’s essential to choose a reputable company for your building work.

A flat roof extension installed by FineLine in Kent, allowing extra space for the family and natural light into the home.

A flat roof extension will make a stunning addition to your home - Credit: FineLine/SEHBAC

Q: Why have flat roof extensions risen in popularity? 

Working from home has allowed us to reconnect with our families, creating a desire to have more space to enjoy this extra quality time with our loved ones. 

Conservatories were previously highly popular, allowing people to ‘live’ in their back garden, but have gradually lost their edge due to their plastic roofing. Homeowners are now looking to upgrade with a more contemporary addition to their living space that suits their new lifestyle. 

Extra dining room and living room space created from a flat roof extension installed with skylights from FineLine in Kent.

Cosy and cute - modernise your home with a stylish and stunning flat roof extension. - Credit: SEHBAC/Fineline

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Q: What makes FineLine’s new modern flat roof extension the perfect choice? 

Our flat roof extensions allow you to transition between your home and garden with ease, so you can enjoy your outside space all-year round.  

The extension boasts level flooring as a result of our infinity seals, which we sink into the ground to allow your indoor and outdoor space to flow harmoniously. 

Their versatility allows an opportunity for larger openings due to the structural elements which strengthen the doors. The strength of our eaves beams provides ultimate design flexibility and is pre-manufactured for up to a 50 per cent faster build, so bi-fold and sliding doors can be included without the expense and cumbersome support. 

The kits we use come already assembled to reduce completion time and undergo quality control to maintain high standards.

Kent-based company FineLine integrate natural lighting into their flat roof extension installations through skylights.

Fill your home with natural light through contemporary skylights integrated into a flat room extension. - Credit: Fineline/SEHBAC

Q: Traditionally, thermal efficiency has put homeowners off flat roof extensions – why is this one different? 

The thermal efficiency for this build is actually better than the regulations – our roof system delivers more insulation than required for building control. Conservatories reach high temperatures during the summer and low temperatures during the winter – homeowners like the concept, but they’re impractical. 

Our extensions offer the benefits of a conservatory, creating an interface between the garden and the home, whilst providing a solid roof and seal which regulates temperature to keep your energy bill consistent.  

Q: Can the modern flat roof extension let natural light in? 

Yes - we offer a flat, contemporary rooflight, or a more traditional lantern-style option. 

I would highly recommend opting for a rooflight to maintain light within the home. We can create a bespoke design to achieve your vision, using our knowledge and skill-base to create a product that is suited to your exact needs.

Enjoy a garden view and a seamless transition into your outdoor space with a flat roof extension from Fineline in Kent.

Enjoy a garden view and a seamless transition into your outdoor space with a flat roof extension. - Credit: SEHBAC/Fineline

Q: Do you need planning permission for the new modern flat roof extension? 

It depends on the site or where your property is located, but we take care of the planning permission, so you don’t have to.  

We will only contact you to update you on our progress. It’s our job to deal with the stress, and your job to enjoy it. 

So, if you’re wanting to make your dream home extension a reality, contact us and we’ll make it happen. 

Visit www.fineline-windows.co.uk for more information on our roof extension services. Alternatively, contact our team on 01622 63161 for enquiries.