World Cup Interiors and Gadgets

If the man in your life likes his football he'll be in his element this month, treat him to a little luxury while he's glued to the screen

1. Once the football is finished this ice cooler with scoop, �19.99 by The Contemporary Home will come in handy for summer picnics or barbeques.

2. Dad can grow his own football pitch with this premier league gift, �19.95 from Getting

3. He won't miss a minute of the match with this Budweiser bottle design mini fridge, �134.99 by Drinkstuff.

4. Not only is this inflatable football chair, �4.98 from B&Q, cheap as chips but when the world cup ends you can kick it out of your living room.

5. He can play his own tournament with this mini football set which can be used indoors or out, �14.96 from Drinkstuff.

6. Post match celebratory barbecues can be cooked with this Flameboy bbq tool, �9.99 from the Garden Gift Shop.

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7. Go for goal with this classic table soccer football game, �24.95 from

8. These home cinema style seats, �795 by Drinkstuff, come in black leather or red fabric and feature a beverage cooler/warmer, motorised incliner, storage box, anti-slip footrest and even a massage system.

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