Meet Bella, a two-year-old beagle/lurcher cross who has been waiting more than 450 days to find a forever home.

Bella arrived at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham in February 2020, desperately in need of some TLC. Aged just over seven months, she had already been shunted around four different homes. Being passed from one owner to another in such a short space of time and at such a critical point in her development as a puppy, had understandably left her with some emotional scars.

‘She is a lovely, lovely dog and has done so well since she has been here,’ says Phil Morrison an animal care assistant at the centre. ‘She had had her problems and it took her quite a while to trust us but she is very loving and enjoys being fussed and cuddled.’

As a beagle/lurcher mix, Bella has a lot of energy and while the staff believe she had not been properly exercised in her previous homes, she now walks well on the lead.

‘She is pretty good off the lead too, but as a hound as soon as she gets the scent of something, her nose goes to the ground and she stops listening. She needs someone who can carry on her training and maybe some experience with recall exercises and this type of dog,’ adds Phil.

The centre has worked hard to make Bella more comfortable around people and even enlisted the help of animal behaviourist June Williams who began visiting three times a week to help the young pup.

Great British Life: Bella enjoying some free timeBella enjoying some free time (Image: RSPCA)


‘Once Bella gets to know you, she then relaxes. She has not been destructive, but, like most young dogs, she can be mischievous so she requires someone who can lay down some rules and patiently reinforce good behaviour strategies.’

The centre is at a loss as to why Bella has remained un-homed. ‘We get lots of positive feedback from everyone who meets her,’ says Phil. ‘But she just hasn’t met that one person who wants to take her with them.’

Ideally, Bella would benefit from a quieter house, where she can be the centre of attention. Phil says she is happy to be with children but also likes ‘her own company’ and to be able ‘to relax’ when she wants.

The team is hoping that as lockdown restrictions relax, visitors to the centre will take a shine to Bella and pursue an adoption.

‘She may take a little time to get to know you,’ says Phil. ‘But it will be worth it. She’s a lovely, loving dog and so much fun.

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