Cheshire dogs enjoy the snow

Bruno and Lola

Bruno the lilac pomeranian and Lola the orange sable love to walk in Lyme Park - Credit: Lauren Grossmith

Our latest collaboration with facebook group Dog Walks in Cheshire features gorgeous snowy dogs having fun across the county 

Bruno and Lola

Bruno and Lola

Bruno the lilac pomeranian and Lola the orange sable love to walk in Lyme Park - Credit: Lauren Grossmith

Best friends Bruno, the lilac pomeranian, 10, and Lola, the orange sable pomeranian, three, just love the snow. Owner Lauren Grossmith says: 'Bruce has covered a serious amount of ground and up until around last year could manage 10 miles easily. He’s very opinionated and does not like many people, the worlds fussiest eater. Our favourite places to walk are the Goyt valley, Lyme Park and Fernilee reservoir. We also love the beach.
'Lola is a spaniel stuck in a pomeranian's body, not too long ago she pretty much ran Kinder Scout. She had a litter of five lovely puppies last Christmas, of which 2 still live with me. Lola’s favourite place to walk is Lyme Park - she knows the minute we arrive.'


Bentley the chihuahua loves training classes, obedience, gundog and agility sessions

Bentley the chihuahua loves training classes, obedience, gundog and agility sessions - Credit: Zoe Van Veldhoven

Zoe Van Veldhoven sent in this gorgeous snowy photo of Bentley the chihuahua. 'We live in Northwich, but this picture was taken on a walk in Wales so not to far,' she says. 'We love all walks local to Northwich and are spoilt for choice, with Marbury and Delamere definitely our favourites.

'Bentley is such a happy little dog that loves being busy and out and about exploring he loves his training and loves to work. We take part in local training classes obedience gundog and agility.'

Leif and Bri

Leif and Bri, beautiful border collies from Moulton, near Northwich

Leif and Bri, beautiful border collies from Moulton, near Northwich - Credit: Caroline Jacks

These two beautiful border collies are owned by Caroline Jacks from Moulton, near Northwich. 'We have some amazing river walks on our doorstep,' she says. 'Their favourite taking us across to Whitegate way.  Both dogs do obedience, flyball and agility and Leif is a therapy dog with Pets as Therapy UK.'

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Ali Umpleby

Cavachon Pico jumping for joy in the snow - Credit: Ali Umpleby

Childminder Ali Umpleby sent in this delightful snowy scene showing her seven-year-old cavachon Pico enjoying the snow on the Heath in Knutsford. 'I also have another cavachon called Pippin,' she says. 'They love to spend time walking around the Heath meeting their doggy friends, and we also love having the beautiful Tatton Park on our doorstep. Pico and Pippin love when we venture further afield, especially to anywhere with muddy puddles like Delamere Forest.'


Daisy the cockapoo loves walking in the snow

Daisy the cockapoo loves walking in the snow - Credit: Lizziebeans

'Daisy is a cockapoo who loves nothing more than to chase squirrels or birds,' says owner Liz Atkinson. 'Here she is on one of our local walks Thorn Wood in Weaverham. It was so pretty with all the snow. After a big walk she loves nothing more than lying in front of our log burner.' Daisy lives in Weaverham with her owners Liz and Ben and human brothers Blake and Joel.


Gina Evanson

Welsh sheepdog collie cross Buzz is a big fan of frisbee - Credit: Gina Evanson

Gina Evanson sent in this photo of adorable Buzz. 'He is a Welsh sheepdog crossed with a collie and he will be two in April,' she says. 'He loves walking across the fields down towards Winsford flashes and having a secure play at Safe and Hounds in Byley - especially as his frisbee gets to come along.'

Konnie, Bristle, Inky and Zeko

Konnie, Bristle, Inky and Zeko

Konnie, Bristle, Inky and Zeko - Credit: Sarah Howarth

This fabulous photo was taken at the field on Elworth Hall Farm Estate in Sandbach by Sarah Howarth. 'My little crossbreed, two miniature American shepherds and Australian cattle dog are quite uncommon breeds in the UK,' she says. 'They are just the best companions and also keep me busy. Daily long walks in our local area, beach visits in the summer and playing in their winter coats in the snow keeps them fit and happy. Many weekends are spent training and competing in agility competitions which is great fun.'


 belongs to Terri Edwards

Percy from Lowton loves a snowy stroll - Credit: Terri Edwards

Percy belongs to Terri Edwards from Lowton. He's a patterdale chihuahua cross and loves going on adventures with his pals Crystal and Bhalu. He loves the beach, and Delamere Forest. He's a big dog in a small package and super affectionate to his friends and family.

Ekko and Indy

Craig Boyd

Large munsterlanders, Ekko and Indy love holidays in Northumberland to enjoy the outdoors there too - Credit: Craig Boyd

Craig Boyd and partner Anna own these two large Munsterlanders, Ekko (3.5) and Indy (1). 'We live in Sandbach and love to walk at Lawton Woods near Alsager where the dogs can explore all sorts of countryside,' he says. 'They both also love the beach and sand dunes and we are lucky to have a place in Northumberland to enjoy the outdoors there too.'


Elisha scanlon

Arthur gets lots of love at Delamere forest and Dunham Massey - Credit: Elisha Scanlon

Owner Elisha Scanlon says: 'I spend my all my spare time spending time with my family and my partner, especially not forgetting Arthur. Arthur has been in our lives since the day he was born and has been our little miracle ever since. We enjoy long walks, even with his little legs. Our favourite places to walk are Delamere forest and Dunham Massey, due to the peaceful surroundings and also getting to meet lots of new people as he gets a lot of attention and also a lot of love,'

Jock and Tay

Martina Miradoli

Border Collies Jock and Tay - Credit: Martina Miradoli

Martina Miradoli sent in this snowy scene. 'I’m a border collie owner and trainer and I moved to the UK following my dreams of working with dogs and walking the beautiful landscapes of this country,' she says. 'Jock and Tay are Scottish born and arrived to me when I was already living here. We love walking where there is water and we are lucky to live at walking distance from the Weaver river walk and the Whitegate Way. We are so lucky to live near such beautiful places.'

Jake and Luna

Stephanie Lee

Jake and Luna are 'as soft as teddy bears' - Credit: Stephanie Lee

'I would like to say I am the proud owner of these beauties but I think they own me more,' says Stephanie Lee. 'Jake is six and he was a rescue from the Dogs Trust at two years old, Luna is two and we have had her from eight weeks. Both are fantastic companions for each other and for my partner and me.  They love nothing more than being out and about, we explore everywhere and do lots of doggy holidays. 

'We like to mix up our walks each week, there favourite place is Marbury Park in Northwich as it has everything, water, woods, fields and a hot dog half way round.  We can be seen at Delamare, Upholland, Bickerton Hills, Gresty Waste and Marbury of course.  If you see us please say hi and don't be afraid - they are both teddy bears and will give you a bark to say hi.'

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