Cheshire dogs enjoying spring

Nigel Kirby Photography

Ella the black labrador, owned by Nigel Kirby - Credit: Nigel Kirby Photography

These four-legged friends are full of the joys of spring – so much so that they can't keep their paws on the ground. This month's collaboration with Facebook group Dog Walks in Cheshire celebrates the dogs who jump for joy
By Jade Wright and Roger Westwood

Ella is a two-year-old black labrador retriever with a spring in her step.
Owner Niger Kirby, from Smallwood, Sandbach, says: 'She has been with us for about a year and a half after being rescued at six months of age with the help of an organisation called Labradors In Need where my wife Vesna, is a volunteer.  
'Ella attends classes run by Heather Gibbs at Cheshire K9 Training in the disciplines of obedience, agility and gundog and loves them all.'

Bobby and Blue

David Motherwell's leaping labradors Bobby and Blue

David Motherwell's leaping labradors Bobby and Blue - Credit: David Motherwell

These handsome fox red labradors belong to David Motherwell from Winsford.  'They are littermates, who are inseparable and have never spent any more than a few minutes apart since they were born four years ago,' he says. 'We are lucky to live in Knights Grange with the stunning Cheshire countryside on our doorstep. The three of us enjoy at least two hours of outdoor fun together every day, regardless of the weather.
'They love to swim and enjoy a good race to see who can be first to reach a ball or stick thrown out into the river or lake. They also love to hunt and regularly chase squirrels and birds, who are always just a little too quick for them. They keep me fit and we love to explore new walks, many that we have seen on the Dog Walks in Cheshire Facebook page.'


Isabella Nunns

German Shepherd Odin, owned by Isabella Nunns - Credit: Isabella Nunns

Isabella Nunns sent in this photo of majestic one-year-old German shepherd Odin, leaping into action. 'I am a legally blind photographer, having great fun photographing Odin in my spare time,' she says. 'This helps me build more confidence with my disability while capturing plenty of memories as he grows. He is also trained in dog sports that he loves, spending much time together as a team training and having fun. We live in Flintshire, on the border of Chester, and travel to a vast range of locations around Cheshire and North Wales to give him plenty of opportunities to see different environments and experiences. Each day is a new adventure.'

Boo and Molly

Boo the flying mini labradoodle lives in Styal

Boo the flying mini labradoodle lives in Styal - Credit: Laura Pagent

Boo the flying dog just can't keep her feet on the ground. She’s a mini labradoodle, one-and-a-half-years old, and lives in Styal with owner Laura Pagent, and her best friend Molly the chihuahua.  'Boo loves nothing better than flying around the Cheshire countryside,' says Laura. 'We are just across the border in this photo at Tittesworth Reservoir in Staffordshire.  When I’m not dog grooming, me and Bo,  with her little sister Molly, plan weekly trips to visit the best local walks.'


Mary Davies

Oscar the labrador loves to leap - Credit: Mary Davies

Mary Davies from Middlewich gained a new member of the family when she rehomed Oscar from Labrador Rescue North West five years ago. Now seven years old, Oscar is always praised for his calm and loving temperament, although he loves to jump for joy when the occasion calls for it. Mary says: 'He enjoys long walks and trips to our local pub, The White Bear, where there are always treats on tap – and not just beer. I'm a self-employed photographer and silk flower florist so I'm lucky that I manage my own work hours as this allows me plenty of time to explore Cheshire walks and capture our beautiful county with my cameras.'

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Norbert and Niffler

Norbert and Niffler German Shorthaired pointers

Norbert and Niffler are German shorthaired pointers who love to run and jump - Credit: Amie Pownall

This gorgeous pair of leaping two-and-a-half-year-old German shorthaired pointers belong to Amie Pownall, who lives in central Manchester.
'They love their time running in the woods of Cheshire,' she says. 'Our favourite places are Lyme Park and Macclesfield Forest. They are both agility dogs so love to practice at every opportunity, competing against each other.'


Bailey just loves playing ball

Bailey just loves playing ball - Credit: Christine Willis

Christine Willis sent in this fabulous photo of border collie Bailey.
She says: 'His owner is Derek Lockie, but he comes to play and stay with me. He lives in Warrington, but enjoys walks on local beaches, Sandymoor, The Dingle and anywhere else that we are going to. He’s a big goofball with an unexplained helicopter obsession.'


Christine Willis

Star is a three-year-old red merle border collie who loves running, food and playing ball - Credit: Christine Willis

Christine Willis also sent in this flying photo of Star, a three-year-old red merle border collie, with bags of energy. She says: 'Star is a typically energetic, ball obsessed collie who can only walk and run in circles. She lives in Warrington but loves beaches and big open spaces. Her three favourite things are tennis balls, bacon and cake.'

Max and Olly 

Whippets Max and Olly

Whippets Max and Olly love springing around the Wirral, but come home to cuddles and long sleeps on the sofa - Credit: Nicola Riley

These two-year-old whippets are brothers. They live in Winterley, near Sandbach, with owner Nicola Riley. 'Their favourite walks are anywhere with a wide-open space to have zoomies – they especially love the fields where we live or the beaches on the Wirral,' she says. 'Watching them run flat out together is an amazing sight. Olly (brindle and white) is a sensitive soul, while Max is more outgoing. They both loves cuddles and long sleeps on the sofa.'


Domino the dalmatian

Domino the dalmatian loves to walk along the river Weaver and Whitegate way - Credit: Jo Forster

Handsome dalmatian Domino is four years old and is very playful, loving all the attention he gets.
Owner Jo Forster says: 'He loves people and a good game of chase around the field with any other dog that will play with him. He’s currently adapting to being a big furry brother to my four-month-old daughter and is smashing it. He likes to go and try and lick her to comfort her if she starts to cry.
'We live in Moulton and our favourite walk is along the river Weaver and Whitegate way. We’re so lucky that these amazing walks are a stone's throw away and he loves to be able to sniff and explore both on and off the lead.'


 Flyaway Faye, this beautiful border collie belonged to Elaine Howe

Flyaway Faye, the beautiful border collie at the Cheshire Show - Credit: Elaine Howe

With a nickname of Flyaway Faye, this beautiful border collie belonged to Elaine Howe, who sent in this photo of her four-legged friend participating in a flyball demonstration at the Cheshire Show back in 2012. 'We live near Stockport, and our favourite walks are Delamere, Old Pale, Marbury Country Park,  Brabyns Park and Etherow Country Park,' says Elaine. 'Faye loved her flyball, camping, beach holidays and had a varied doggy social life. Sadly, she succumbed to old age and we lost her in August 2021 at the age of 15.'


 Nicki Cameron

Peggy is a four-year-old parson jack russell terrier with a spring in her step - Credit: Nicki Cameron

Springing into action, Peggy is a four-year-old parson jack russell terrier. Nicki Cameron,  founder of The Art of Dog: Office Wall Art, sent in this photo. She says: 'She belongs to our friend, Ian and lives in Heaton Moor. Peggy is an incredible athlete, determined and switched on to all life has to offer. She's the epitome of a terrier.'

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