Pets: Meet horse Buzz and owner Clemmie Knight

Buzz and Clemmie

Buzz and Clemmie - Credit: Archant

Ardleigh’s Clemmie Knight has been riding almost as long as she has been walking. Here she shares some of the reasons she loves her 14 hand Connemara pony, Buzz

Clemmie and Buzz

Clemmie and Buzz - Credit: Archant

About Clemmie

Clemmie Knight is 15 years old and has been riding since she was a toddler. She lives near Ardleigh and is currently at Ipswich School in her first year of GCSEs. She is keen on all sports and represents her school in hockey, netball, cricket, athletics and rounders. Her other great passion is dancing, including modern, tap and jazz, and this summer her dance school is performing at Disneyland Paris.

What is special about your pet?

Ben Ban Zoro, known as Buzz at home, is my 14 hand Connemara pony. I have owned him now for a year and a half and his cheeky character and bossy personality make him stand out along with keeping me safe when I ride him. He tends to be the big boss on the yard, earning him the name Captain Buzz, and he’s rather a perfectionist, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

What do you enjoy doing with Buzz?

I compete in all disciplines with Buzz and as a team we have so much fun. It doesn’t always go to plan, but when we are successful it is very rewarding. I am excited about this year as I start competing in British eventing and county showing along with all the fun and excitement the pony club offers too. Away from the competition side, I also enjoy training with my good friend and brilliant instructor Jess Baines who has taught me to achieve my goals and have fun at the same time. One of my favourite things to do is to take Buzz out for a long hack, which gives us time to relax together.

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How did Buzz join your family?

I was extremely lucky with how we came across Buzz. We hadn’t been looking for a new pony at the time, but my Granny’s very good friend offered him to us on a summer loan basis. Not knowing anything about Buzz at the time, I remember walking down to the stable where he was kept and seeing his cheeky but kind face appear over the stable door. When I first rode him I couldn’t stop smiling as he felt as if he was floating on air. I was in awe and felt so lucky to be able to ride him. When the summer was coming to a close, I had experienced so many new things and had so much fun that I dreaded the thought that I might have had to let him go. Fortunately we were lucky enough to be able to buy him and give him a forever home.

Do you have any special memories of Buzz?

My first one day event on Buzz is my most special memory, as he was a superstar and we came home with a first. I remember looking at the results board with my mum, who realised before me, and burst into tears with happiness. I was so thrilled. One thing that always makes me giggle was entering the ring to collect my rosette and Buzz deciding to have a nibble on a fence decoration, pulling the whole thing over!

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