10 of the most peaceful places in Devon

Dartmoor National Parkin Devon. Photor © DNPA

Dartmoor National Parkin Devon. Photor © DNPA - Credit: © DNPA

If life is getting a bit overwhelming why not check out some of these calming spots in the county?

Bellever Moor and Meadows, Devon. Photo: Devon Wildlife Trust

Bellever Moor and Meadows, Devon. Photo: Devon Wildlife Trust - Credit: Photo: Devon Wildlife Trust

1. Soar Mill Cove TQ8 8LH

Did you know, the fresh sea air is great for both the body and soul? Even if you are outside for 15-30 minutes a day, it can significantly boost your wellbeing. Soar Mill Cove beach is a tiny remote sandy inlet nestled amongst rolling countryside between Salcombe and Hope Cove. Due to its secluded nature, you can only walk, kayak, or swim from your boat to get there, but it is worth the effort.

Marsland on the border of North Devon and Caornwall. Photo: Dave Chamberlain

Marsland on the border of North Devon and Caornwall. Photo: Dave Chamberlain - Credit: Dave Chamberlain

2. Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is perfect for anyone looking to recharge their batteries. A rambler’s paradise, this idyllic place offers an abundance of opportunities to release your everyday stresses. From exploring its endless beauty, amazing wildlife, sheltered spots to indulging in some refreshing wild swimming. Currently, no camping is allowed and please read the Ranger Code before your visit dartmoor.gov.uk/enjoy-dartmoor/love-moor-life 

3. RSPB Matford Marsh EX2 8XRS

Spending time in green spaces and bringing nature into your daily life has a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing, especially in challenging times like these. It has been scientifically proven, animals offer a great way to reduce anxiety, stress and nourish the soul. At RSPB Matford Marsh you will be spoilt with its range of wildlife that call this haven their home. 

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4. Bellever Moor and Meadows PL20 6TU

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Take in those deep breaths and simply relax at Bellever Moor and Meadows. This beautiful nature reserve offers an enjoyable day out with 70 hectares of bliss. Casually walk in wildflower upland meadows and take in the spectacular views along the way. A place that will make you feel alive again.

5. The South West Coast Path

If you consider yourself active, the world-renowned South West Coast Path- England’s longest distance footpath and National Trail is perfect to get your heart pumping and forget about your worries. Whether you want to take on the challenge or spend a day exploring; the choice is yours. With the stresses and strains of daily life, being in the wild outdoors can help the body and mind. 

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6. Marsland EX23 9PQ

Marsland is a Devon Wildlife Trust treasure because of its magical, secretive mix of woodland, dreamy coastline and butterfly-filled meadows, guaranteed to enliven your senses. At 212 hectares this nature reserve still retains a feeling of secrecy and undisturbed qualities. It has a fitting environment to encourage you to take moment and be present whilst watching the beautiful wildlife.

7.Exmoor National Park

The benefits of reconnecting with nature during turbulent times are magnified. So if you are looking for escapism, wilderness and tranquility, the Exmoor National Park could be a suggestion. Did you know there are over 9,000 hectares of woodlands to be explored? This beautiful landscape of moorland, woodland, coast and rivers shaped by people and nature boasts so many amazing characteristics, leaving you very spoilt for choice.

8. Lannacombe Beach, Kingsbridge TQ7 2NH8

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural features this earth has to offer us. Time spent on the beach or coast can leave you feeling exhilarated, relaxed and refreshed, so we say, visit Lannacombe Beach for its tranquillity and calming nature. It is said to be one of the county’s best-kept secrets when it comes to quiet, secluded beaches.

9. East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Being active has a whole range of benefits when it comes to your wellbeing. For starters, it improves self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, and it reduces stress and anxiety. Perhaps head to the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to witness its captivating landscape of immense heathland, towering cliffs and gorgeous river valleys- what more could you want?

10. Holne Woods

Time spent outside is thought to help relieve stress and anxiety by reducing levels of the hormone cortisol in the brain. So, give it a try by visiting Holne Woods. Known for its mighty oak trees, this ancient woodland is near Buckfastleigh and at the southern edge of Dartmoor. A truly peaceful place for those looking to hide away from the world.

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