5 beauty spots in Derbyshire that you should visit on a motorbike or scooter

Exploring five top county destinations the Italian way

Surprise View

Cruising along the A6187 from Sheffield to Hathersage, a sharp right-hand bend appears through a small gap in the rocks delivering a magical glimpse across the Hope Valley. A scoot down the road and the perfect landscape suddenly opens out majestically in front of you, and for that reason the road has become fondly known as Surprise View. Watch out for the twists and turns as the road drops below Millstone Edge towards Hathersage and a glance will reveal a wonderful vista spreading out across the Peak District. For a closer look, access the view by foot, leaving the scooter in the fantastically located car park a little further back on the A6187. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the superb landscape!

Padley Gorge

Located between the village of Grindleford and the A6187, you can wind your way along to the gorge, taking in the scenery of the moors and enjoy the clear, fresh air. There are plenty of parking opportunities at the side of the road, especially for a little scooter. Once parked up, grab your cool box and head down to the river. Padley Gorge will wash away the bustle of the city with its mystical qualities. It is a location of magic and fairies, with moss and overgrown foliage creating secret places. The Gorge itself allows the mind to wonder, with its torrents of gushing water, it really is a magnificent natural retreat.

Stanage Edge

Life really is beautiful standing on Stanage Edge overlooking Hathersage, and the beauty of visiting on a scooter means it is often easy to find a space near the opening entrance to Stanage. Savvy scooter users often visit at the quieter times of the day, as the peace and tranquillity of the view over the Hope Valley will whisk you away with its exciting colours and idyllic villages below.


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Bringing the scooter down past Spend Lane, Thorpe Cloud stretches out in front of you, along with the beautiful village of Ilam in the background. Winding down old farm tracks on the scooter, you can bob down little tracks inaccessible by car. Once you have reached the stepping stones entrance, you can find ample space to leave the scooter, and walk alongside the River Dove. With its dramatic limestone ravine, and exceptional wildlife and rare wild flowers, the much-loved stepping stones are beautiful at any time of year. If you are feeling energetic, a walk up Thorpe Cloud offers breathtaking views across Derbyshire – but the climb isn’t for the faint-hearted!


A quick scoot north of Derby will unveil a world of grandeur and stateliness at Chatsworth House. Cruising on the road towards Chatsworth, the mansion stretches out in all its glory, with elegant fountains and gardens in the foreground. A walk around the grounds, or a tour of the house makes for an opulent afternoon and the rest of the day can be enjoyed scooting in and out of the nearby tranquil villages of Pilsley and Edensor.

IT’S WELL DOCUMENTED that Derbyshire hosts some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain: the Peak District alone has an incredible 1,600 miles of public rights of way and is an extremely popular destination for keen walkers and adventure seekers. But instead of walking around the hilly terrain, many sightseers are now zipping across the breathtaking scenery on the ultimate style accessory – the Vespa. That coolest of scooters, best recognised whizzing round the streets of Milan, is now frequently seen cruising the stunning Derbyshire countryside. The Motorcycle Industry Association even reported an 11 per cent increase in the registration of scooters, mopeds and motorcycles between July 2013 and July 2014. In the light of this surge in popularity for stylish scooters and with inside knowledge of the best biking spots in the county, Sheffield-based moped and scooter store Via Moto compiled this list of the top five scooter locations not to be passed by.

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