A mini-guide to a day out in Hale


Hale - Credit: Archant

Join the party at one of Cheshire’s most chilled out suburbs

9.00am Let’s start the day with a little pampering. Hale village is blessed with some fantastic hair and beauty salons where you can get anything from a cut and blowdry to non-surgical weight loss treatments.

Many of these salons go the extra mile.

Re Enhance for example has at its helm Dr Martin Kinsella who is not only a cosmetic doctor but also a dental surgeon offering a more holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. And Frisor hair salon is not only an Aveda salon with a philosophy focused on “customised creativity” aiming to create a look that suits the client and their lifestyle, it also takes clients on a sensory journey using essential oils and stress relieving techniques.

The ladies and men of Hale love to look their groomed best, as well as de-stress after a heavy day at the office so this is certainly a destination for those who want to try newer more advanced techniques in anything from a new set of nails to allergy testing.

11.00am Time for a coffee and perhaps a delicious mid-morning snack. Hale has lots of cafes where you can sip a latte or meet friends for brunch and although it has retained a village feel there’s definitely a nice chilled urban vibe here too.

11.30am Pop into Art of Interiors to see how you can make the most of your home -or maybe buy someone a really unusual gift, or visit the local gallery. Bohemians love Hale as it offers something just a little bit out of the ordinary and with the relocation of the BBC up to the North West has come a whole new generation of media type who have made their way here.Of course, Hale has always been a desirable suburb, attracting property developers, artists and celebs with its mix of pretty housing and good restaurants. This is the place to live if you want a laid back kind of nightlife on your doorstep, or places to meet friends for lunch.

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1.00pm There are plenty of places to eat in Hale, whether it’s a delicious and simple lunch, Chinese, Italian or modern European...or it’s possible to just settle at a pavement cafe and people watch. This is perhaps the closest the region gets to Hampstead with its understated style.

2.30pm If you’re going Christmas shopping this is just the location to source something unusual. Try some of the fantastic local boutiques like Willow and Vicki Allen for gifts of scarves and jewellery and if you are looking for an outfit you’ll get plenty of advice from the staff should you need it. Porcupine is a rather special place for gifts and lovely interior pieces and See Saw is where men can shop for gorgeous lingerie for their beloved other half. They are there to help you!

4.00pm This is a village-y area so expect the usual pursuits such as cricket and golf but as we’re in the middle of winter, well it is just such a pleasant place to stroll around, popping into cafes or the local pub for a quick winter warmer perhaps.

6.00pm Cocktail hour! And don’t be surprised if you bump into a premiership football player or a millionaire property investor in these parts, this is definitely Hello magazine territory. Many of the residents in the area and nearby up-market Hale Barns are amongst Manchester’s crème de la crème, who live in the sort of mansions the rest of us only dream of. Still those who don’t have the earning power of the rich and famous can still share the ambience of the same bar or restaurant.

8.00pm Join the locals for dinner at restaurants such as The Hale Grill, Piccolino, or local favourite, Amba. This isn’t a huge district but it can hold its own with the big city in terms of quality food and a relaxing ambience. Great food. Great people - the perfect place for a Christmas get-together we feel!