A photo essay dedicated to Suffolk

Photo essay by Ruth Grindrod

Photo essay by Ruth Grindrod - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Award winning landscape photographer Ruth Grindrod’s photo essay explaining her photographs of the beautiful Suffolk landscape.

Winter Reeds at Redgrave Fen

Winter Reeds at Redgrave Fen - Credit: Archant

Suffolk as a county has a reputation for its mild and gentle climate, but come December to February, mid-Suffolk can feel winter’s icy grip as frosts descend and sometimes snow covers the landscape. For me, as a photographer, this is a real joy as I am able to capture shimmering light, stark reflections and brilliant snow scenes.

Winter Reeds at Redgrave Fen was taken early one winter morning. My feet were aching with cold, but my spirits were raised as the sun broke through and caught the tips of the frozen reeds.

Winter Sunrise, Cotton

Winter Sunrise, Cotton - Credit: Archant

Winter Sunrise, Cotton shows the first light of dawn over a field not far from my home. Watching the warm glow spread across the sky before your eyes, while standing alone in a freezing frost covered field, never fails to remind me how lucky I am to live here.

The Hedge and Tree, Elmswell

The Hedge and Tree, Elmswell - Credit: Archant

Winter sunsets can seem to appear out of the greyest of days. In The Hedge and Tree, Elmswell I was struck by the geometry of the scene – the straightness of the row of bushes broken by the occasional tree, the darkness of the winter field, all illuminated by the rosy sunset.

Setting Winter Sun, Bacton

Setting Winter Sun, Bacton - Credit: Archant

Setting Winter Sun, Bacton was taken after a rather heavy snowfall. I was glad I had ventured out to capture the icing-like snow on the branches as the light brought warmth to the scene. Each winter is a season I can’t wait to be out in.

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